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    CFA anyone?

    Hi CFA candidates, are you still buying Stella / Schweser guides despite the CFA materials which CFA insitute included in the registration package? I'm wondering if its necessary to still buy the Scheweser guides..
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    Anyone has Redwan Ali - Would You Be There

    Hi Demegoddes, can u send the song to [email protected]? Thanks
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    Make Up Course

    Hi Kitty can u pm me the contacts too? where is her hse located at? Anyone been to inuovi makeup class? actually im just interested to learn the basics of makeup and not to become a prof in makeup
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    "In Love With You" By Jacky Cheung and Regine Valesquez

    Leann, can I have 'No one else comes close' and 'In love with you'? [email protected]. Thanks a lot
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    Ch U - Song title in Darren & Evelyn wedding show ending?

    Hi Jenn, can you pls send me 'bridal marche'? thanks [email protected]
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    Ad song for Soo Kee

    Hi me too! Goldheart, DBS & soo kee songs. Thanks! [email protected]
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    "One boy, One Girl" - Collin Rave

    Hi can you pls send me one boy one girl to [email protected]? Thanks a lot
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    Bloated stomach

    Angela, if it is hard, it shouldnt be fats. Should be wind or maybe water also. Can try ginger tea or tummy massage.
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    I finally found someone

    hi astrogirl, can u email the song to me too? [email protected]
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    A PLACE to recommend your favourite beauty products.

    Hi Chantel, you may like to try the hydrating mask from a US brand. Have been using it 2-3 times a day. It helps to improve dehydrated skin. If you want more info, pls PM me.
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    Bloated stomach

    Hi I'm a sufferer too.. go massage may help. It makes me feel better. Just tell the masseu that u have bloated tummy with a lot of wind and if they are experienced enough, should know what to do..
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    1st dish song?

    Hi can you send 1) Be our guests 2) Allegrato to my email at [email protected] pls? thks
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    A PLACE to recommend your favourite beauty products.

    Thks Sozz for your reply.. Ya I know about applying hair treatment. But I also saw people applying stuff on the body when in the steam room. Dont know what they use though
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    A PLACE to recommend your favourite beauty products.

    Hi all, think this is not the right thread to ask this question but anyway.. dont feel like opening another thread. Qn: What do you usually apply on your body when you go to steam room in spa? Moisturiser or scrub?
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    I need help <IMG SRC="" ALT=":-(" BORDER=0>

    Hi I have very large pores in the past too clogged with black heads but ever since I used a product recommended by my beautician, the pores have minimised quite significantly. Even the beautician noticed. This is also a very good selling product outside Spore. Can PM me if you are...
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    Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

    Hi, I am currently holding on to a slimming package by Zenique which is endorsed by Chen Weilian and Kelly (Superstars winners). Original package includes 20 slimming sessions and 12 toning sessions which cost me $2,352. To date, I have only utilized 3 slimming sessions. As I have switched to...
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    Any good pores treatment to recommend?

    LHT, can u PM me the product?
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    2 way cake to recommend?

    I heard that 2 way cake may clog pores. Comments from anyone here?
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    Constipation (Anyone has any help)

    can u be more specific? What is the brand name?
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    Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

    Alan, you often said check on the fitting of your clothes. if it still fits then you are putting on muscle and not fats even if the weight increases. However, if you gain muscle mass, wont the arms and thighs and hips will also become bigger cos its bulkier? So wont the clothes will be tighter?