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    checking BF/husband handphone

    Honesty is in our policy. So usually I'll just take his phone and see, he's cool with it. No passcodes on our phones cos we don't have such habits. He would only ask who am I messaging to if I'm always using my phone.
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    Appreciate recommendation on contractor, carpenter or ID.

    Idk how to pm u using the app Lols. post here ok babe:))
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    Appreciate recommendation on contractor, carpenter or ID.

    Ltr I pm u the contacts okay, need to find e name card. Hes a contractor.
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    Married 2 months.... And its all spiraling down~

    From what I have read from the first post, you sound ready, and I'm not sure if you and your partner have gone through serious thoughts before entering marriage or its just you alone being serious and all ready for marriage. She seems pretty childish to me, but I'm a girl myself I know it can't...
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    In Laws, In Laws.... Different Perspective? Or just simply Bias?

    I had my moments with my future in laws as well. It's devastating, my only advice is to seek for your hubby understanding, don't rant to him, make him feel you. If he feels you and he would be helping you to talk to his mom. Idk why too I blame on bias and in laws lack of tact, and we, the...