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    Wedding Lunch recommendation for 50pax

    Can ask where Sywahaha picked in the end?
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    What should I do now?

    I agree with porcelainblues. There are many sketchy parts on both sides. Other than the possibility of husband cheating on you, perhaps he may also have some kind of mental illness? There are some signs that looked like symptoms but you would need to monitor closely. While fighting for your...
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    Guo Da Li and Xi Bi (Wedding Cakes)

    As i dont have many relatives, my parents helped to deliver the xi bing to their houses. Recently, we also received bengawan solo vouchers which i think is pretty common and convenient too (validity of 1 year).
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    Recommended Personalised Wedding Favours!

    Looks really great! Can check roughly how much price per pax?
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    HORROR!! Unpleasant Experience with Monti Help!

    :( seems like a scam/false advertising by the Monti... doesn't seem like they're open to negotiation, perhaps if the doneness is really important for the guests, maybe you could request to add 1 more option for a small fee? Hope everything will go smoothly for you!
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    HORROR!! Unpleasant Experience with Monti Help!

    Hi, I don't have experience with Monti. I would suggest for you to double-check the terms and conditions for the wedding package that you have signed with them. For mine, the restaurant strictly followed the signed contract, however we could still request for something outside of the contract...
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    wedding hashtag

    #HeDoesSheDoesWeDu #SayWeDu #SugarToAugustina #ZhenSquared #Sugiarush #DUstiny
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    Any recommended cheap meipo service?

    For Guo Da Li and actual day, preferably not too expensive..