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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    HappyGirl , here's my update... AD: 05 Dec 2010 Banquet Venue: GWC Bridal Studio: Bridal De Couture AD PG: TBC AD VG: TBC ROM: 14 Sept 2008 ROM Venue: Villa Bali Lovenest: Henderson Crescent
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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    sherlin: u can try calling the hotel tomorrow and check with them. Melissa: i didnt receive any invitation card.. but i called my coordinator, he said there will be a register table and jus inform them who is ur coordinator and the register name will do. Shirataki: to me, i think all are...
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    Any Bridal Shop In JB You Want To Recommend?

    hi BTB, i'm new to this thread... i'm planning to take my outdoor shoot in redang. do u have any recommendation which bridal shop will give a better package?? currently i have a package in singapore. pls advice... or any better suggestion for me??
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    Any Recommended Bridal Shops

    hi, i'm letting go my wedding packing from Bridal De Couture.. anyone interested??
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    Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package

    Hi, i have a wedding package from Bridal De Couture to let go. anyone interested?? pls PM me. thanks
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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    hi, my AD on 5 dec 2010...
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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    thanks ngie. =)
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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    thanks ngie and maisie... by the way, any idea which is the ideal credit card to pay off the bill??
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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    hi, jus wonder if anyone can provide me what are the perks that we can ask from GCW. thanks