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    Checklist for Bridal Shop

    hi, can i have a copy of the checklist? Kindlly email me at: [email protected] thanks so much
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    Recommendation for Lawyer please - Divorce

    li mat you dont accept pm so i couldnt contact u for the recommendations. may i have ur email address please?
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    A compilation of hidden costs

    hi, can i have the list too? [email protected]
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    $80K COV a norm for re-sale HDB flat now

    hello just jumping into this thread im also buying resale, jurong east area 4rm usually owners asking for at least 35k cash, *sighs* and most of the units needs a major overhaul etc on another note, im selling my current (just turned 5 years) and asking cov for 60k....guess whatever cov i...
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    Any self HDB Buyer (Paperwork w/o Agent) here? Advise Needed

    hello small fish how to tell the seller agent that im not keen to pay 1% com? and when must tell the seller agent? 1st meeting?
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    Sengkang Rivervale 150 series (Chip Huat Construction)

    hello all, im from blk 150 re: about the bad smell, didnt have it here tho