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    Hi Hearts I just got mine Taka HI 605. Mind to share some tips? Eg. How to judge temperature? Cleaning up? Thanks Criz
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    Joo Guan Huat (IMM)

    Hi, our renovation are considered completed. Official handover was 13 Jan, but some rectification works were done last Saturday. But they will be coming down to do touching -up early February, as we are now busy with shifting, cleaning, etc. Wow, CNY is just round the corner (less than a month)...
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    Hi Ding Ding, I think my sys 3 are much cheaper compared to yours, maybe around $2.2K (must go home and search the invoice). They also gave us upgraded materials & servicing vouchers. Pricing very inconsistent, I even quoted $2.6K by Natural Cxxl.
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    String Curtains

    hi hippo2002 not meant to offence anyone, so far for me, I had yet got the luck to come across the good ones for china made. I had friends who brought good ones from beijing, but too bad I don't had any contact who going there at any nearest date, so no luck for me. btw, the ones my...
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    String Curtains

    Hi, you must be looking for the pure white? Did you ask her when stock coming in? Maybe can request her to reserve? Actually today, going there to get quote for curtain but last minute tied up by the sofa delivery guys. Well, saw 1 shop in JB (Jusco Tebaus) selling, quite good material...
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    String Curtains

    Hi, didn't really ask that shop but same opinion as you, it look identical to the China made. Once we stepped in Meexx, the lady did not hardsell her products but instead started an nice conversation with us and she really patience to explained to us about curtains. Anyway, my hubby feel that...
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    Joo Guan Huat (IMM)

    Sure. But have to bear with me for a few more weeks. Pretty bz at works, renovation and also arrangment to move things from the w/h storage place. Time is definitely not enough, especially CNY coming.
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    Hi jojo. Me also brought Getha ASP Award Series, King size mattress but choose the Medium ones @$1999 as hubby preferred the pocketed spring than the full latex. Btw, have you receive your mattress? Did you buy the bedframe from them?
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    Joo Guan Huat (IMM)

    Hi Pink Piglet Nope, I didn't do any feature wall for TV as 1stly I have an existing big projection TV and 2ndly, will prefer to buy those off-rack then fixed so I can change pattern as & when I like Oh, Joo Guan Huat are more a Contractor but thru' my experience with April, she can...
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    Joo Guan Huat (IMM)

    Hi Elaine & Pink Piglet. Had emailed you both the quotation. Happy New Year to You.
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    String Curtains

    Hey Rains Thanks for your info about SSC. Went there today, and managed to buy the string curtains. Not sure is this the store you mentioned but feel that the price are reasonable. Brought the Korea ones. Cheers Criz
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    String Curtains

    Hi Darren. Mind share the address? Thanks criz
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    House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?

    Glad that you're happy with their service. I will be using their service again this Saturday for our final move to the new house. Cheer.
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    Joo Guan Huat (IMM)

    hi verday Sorry for the later reply, pretty busy with work & reno at the same time. I had emailed you the quotation. Good day to U. Regards Criz
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    Any good lightings shops to recommend?

    Hi Annabelle, here the address for Pan Tech Light Trading Enterprise: Blk 353 Jurong East St 31 #01-107 (S) 600353 Tel: 65608601 Recently order all lightings from them, so been carrying the bill around. The person who served us is Pamela Toh (the lady boss??)
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    Hi faithe Did you purchase from Pan Tech? Just guessing as I just placed order with them and also get a FOC door bell. But lighting price are pretty subjective, it depend on design. Well, I got 13 downlights, 3 diff. room lights, 2 design lights for Din/Liv room, 2 kitchen lights, 2 toilet...
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    Joo Guan Huat (IMM)

    Never liaise with K.K. before, so can't advice. But my house is currently in the midst of renovation by April. So far pretty happy with them.
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    Fujioh Or Technogas hob & hood?

    Hi twinkle I will be getting the FG792SS (2 burners) which is similar to FG793SS (3 burners), saw it at Adamas, Balestier. Don't seem to have brochure at that moment. What I recalled is stainless steel with flat surface, which I feel easy to clean up, not those with "humps". Think within 3...
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    A place to show your beautiful kitchen....

    Hi, there. Me too, planning to have the same placement like happie only that the M/W door is flip down. But hubby against it as he said I super careless. So think either have the M/W place below the Oven or put it somewhere else. But nowaday kitchen pretty small. <sian> Anyway, thanks alot...
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    Aircon : What are the current prices for Mitsubishi and Toshiba Invertor/Non-invertor Aircons?

    Hi JerRis $1599 is good quote then mine. I got it quoted at $1780. Can share contact?