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    White Tea Dress, Wine Red Evening Gown and Pink Cheong Sam for Sale

    Hi ladies, I had my wedding in Nov 2014 and am looking to sell the gowns I used. Do PM me if you are interested! If you purchase all 3, you get 15% off the total price. Good luck with your wedding preps and happy shopping! 1 White Tea Dress photoshoot, for ladies size 6-8, going for $80, comes...
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    WTB: Looking for Oct-Nov 2014 Wedding Lunch Banquet, 12 Tables

    Hi, If anyone is looking for to let go of their weekend wedding lunch in Oct or Nov 2014, please contact me. We are looking for a small reception of about 10-12 tables. You can email me at [email protected] Thank you. Best regards, Gwenlyn