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    Couples who r taking photoshots...where r the nice places u hv went? pls share ....

    that was somewhere deep in the forests of .... marina bay! =)
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    Couples who r taking photoshots...where r the nice places u hv went? pls share ....

    Thought i'd share with you ladies more photoshoot location ideas.. sentosa, botanical gardens, singapore art museum, parliament house... it'll be great if you bring along some props like an additional bouquet, some ribbons in various colours to dress up your WG, shrugs, etc...
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    what is the highest amount you have spend on LV stuff alone??For LV Fans only

    $1680 - ribera mm in damier canvas. then i realise that the alma is better.. has a base. the ribera tends to sink in when too many things are placed in it coz there is no solid base.
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    Any fast ways to reduce weight within 2mths time?

    I just met another bride in this forum who has slimmed down a LOT!!! Kellypink The Wedding Present thread. I waiting for her formula.. =) I'm also looking to reduce my weight by at least 2 KG before christmas.
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    Any good & cheap eye brow pencils to recommend?

    I think there are loads in sa-sa which sell at less than $10. but so far i like the one that hollywood secrets sells . it does not smudge and you will tend not to overapply coz its harder
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    Buying Diamond Ring

    destinee tends to be higher priced but then again, there is alot of shine in the destiny diamond. really sparkles! I have a pair of earrings which is about .40/.41 (total carat .80+) ,F vs I/II, each side which I am keen to let go at a good price for the pair. Anyone interested, please let me...
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    Armpit Hairs

    in case you think that IPL is permanent.. its not. I have done it and when the hairs grow out you naturally want to shave it.. when you do that, the hairs get thicker, coarser and grow out again..(this is what happened to me lah) So, if you do IPL and you spot some hairs growing out, should go...
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    Singapore Art Musuem

    Hi malteselover! 1. the flowers attached to the chair were handmade by me lah.. bot flowers from Concourse. 2. my dinner was at Conrad.. not at SAM.. i had reception after the ROM though 3. what is your email? I send you my photographer details.. i had a few photographers. my gowns are from...
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    Conrad Centennial Singapore

    hi everyone, i jus went to a conrad wedding and it was simply smashing.. i like the new black theme... whole place in black table cloth and chairs draped in black.. red roses. i think it's worth the $500 top up. nice!! too bad during my time they didnt have the black theme =( you ladies...