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    Ex-schoolgirls meeting place

    i think i am senior to all of you . cos mrs liau incident happen after i was graduated. that mean i think i graduated in the year 1994 . cos i got my O level in 1995. I know that ms liau has pass away . I went to her place with some of my friends. During our time our ltierature is william...
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    Ex-schoolgirls meeting place

    hi gals, ya i agree with netty , old school is more cosy , a small school which we can see one other , from sec one to sec 5 . Even we are outside the school we still can recongise some of our seniors cos the school is small . I still rememeber the math teacher who has pass away a few year...
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    Ex-schoolgirls meeting place

    Serene, Mrs Cecile Tan , she was my sec one history teacher. her way of teaching i will never forgets. I still remember that whenever she asked an question, even we know the ans or we dun know the ans , we still rise our hand to try to ans to the question . I still remember one of my...
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    Ex-schoolgirls meeting place

    hi averyl 21 and serene, i think the old school is still around , i think at night you pass by still can see the light is on. i live very near to the new school , but no time to go there to see the teachers.
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    Ex-schoolgirls meeting place

    hi andrei23 iam one of the exs sjc girls . graduated i think should be 1995 not 96... alot of the treacher had changes
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    Ang Pow box & gifts for helpers

    hi orchid, can you pls share with me your ideas. please send it to [email protected] thanks
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    (2003) Brides of year 2003

    flowee, i have not buy my furniture yet.. not so soon... dinner venue have not choose yet too. wait till the reno finish then settle these thing..hi you can email to me through this address too when you are [email protected] i have a frd workin in the same company as you...
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    Air-con installation - Gain City, Twin City or ???

    hi nac.. yes gaincity do charge for piping , because they only prvided piping up to 30ft long... the rest you have to pay yourself... i think one metre is 2.2 per metre... but they services is good.. you can try them