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    Antique lightings for sale

    Hi Sorry I have some problem uploading the photo. I can email you the photo separately upon request. Thanks.
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    Antique lightings for sale

    Hi I have 2 antique lightings for sale. Lamps are in good condition, its left behind by the previous owner. As it does not match the theme of my house, I have dismantled it during renovation. Buyer to self collect. Please refer to attached pictures. Interested parties, please email me at...
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    A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest

    Hi Qwerty Love your house deco. Can recommend your ID? Pls email to [email protected]. Thanks!
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    $29k - Advice on quote for 4A resale flat

    Hi tittieal I'm also looking for ID to renovate my 4 room resale flat. Can share you id name, contact & full quotation with me? Pls email to [email protected]. Thank you!
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    Any Emcee Speech to Share?

    Hi Hotcakes Can I have a copy too? Thanks! Email: [email protected]
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    Bed Frame

    Hi everybody, i got a Simmons King Size Bedframe with leather bedhead for sale at $500. It is maroon red in colour. Its original price is over $2,000. It is a gift but i cant use it as the colour doesn't match the theme of my house. Please provide your own transport. If you need us to...
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    Ex-schoolgirls meeting place

    Hi Glad to see so many ex-TKGS gals responding here. Me from Sci 3 and i will be getting married end of this year. Hee, this is fun, keep the responses coming and who knows, a couple of us may know each other back in school....
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    Ex-schoolgirls meeting place

    Hi, I graduated from the 1992 batch. Ha, my batch is the one that's been raising funds for the new school compunds since first year but never stayed long enough to enjoy it. I still remember the fun fair organised during sec 1 and the yearly productions. Although I never participated but my...
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    Ex-schoolgirls meeting place

    Hi any TKGS gals out there? How's everyone doing?
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    Japan trip - where to go

    Hi My husband has a United Airlines voucher worth US$200 (equiv to plus minus S$370). He obtained this voucher due to a flight delay on board a United Airlines flight. We would like to sell the voucher at S$150. Travel has to be completed by 2 Oct 2002. It can be redeemmed for direct...