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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    i did mine at Desire at central at clarke quay. they have GSS promo. my underarm hair grow slower and after 6 sessions most of it are gone.
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    Armpit Hairs

    Hi girls, I was telling on another thread that the place I went to has promotion on. check out their blog: My next aim is tone tone my tummy and get rid of the cellulite on my thighs...time to show off in my shorts. haha
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    Any good recommendation for facial IPL?

    Just to share : Desire at Central (Clarke Quay) has $488 fr 10 session for Armpits plus other treatments. this is the blog: Have signed up for their previous promotion on IPL Face and microdermabrasion. My face has small pores. Went for my treatment...
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    1 year for me to slim 10 kg for my wedding

    Hi alesia mark, why not start to exercise since you have still have time. walk round your block areas for 2 to 3 rounds for a start.
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    Any good recommendation for facial IPL?

    Hi girls, just to share my experience. I am a die-hard fan of IPL treatment on my face and body - went to Desire Aesthetics at Central at Clark Quay. The staff is friendly even though English not gd but they dont hard-sell. I walked out without signing but my mind was still thinking abt...
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    10 Good Beauty Salons to recommend

    I went to use to go to othe beautians but has switched to this one as I find the equipment used are more updated and of medicated grade. My gf has been their customer for years but switch to Central outlet as they are open on weekend which both of us prefer. Desire Aesthetics at THE CENTRAL...
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    Armpit Hairs

    I did my armpit and bikini IPL besides my face. My gf did the brazilian IPL. I am a die-hard fan for IPL. For years I have shaved and waxing (cant stand the pain) and finally I went with my gf for IPL. It helps to lighten the dark patches under the arm. Hopefully, I can start to wear...
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    Ways To Slim Face??

    Hi, I am newbie. I have tried the face slimming called 3GRF. I actually took one session of my friend's package to try on the eyes but they were nice to let me have a experience on the face. My beautian did half of the face and let me see the works. My face actually lifts up...