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    Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

    Hi tess Can share with me too? [email protected]
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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    Andreal: Yeah both my hub and myself alot of relatives and friens.. Haizz.. Intially wanted a small and cosy affair but FIL say not very nice. Wanted to do w/o the banquet but FIL say cannot. Everything like that canot like this also cannot.. Where have you shortlisted? My fren had her...
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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    Hi gals I am also considering Merchant Court.. It seems that there are a no of us considering Merchant court.We can actually plan to view the place tog.. Another option for me would be OCC. Frankly I have not attended any bridal shows.. All the info that I gather are thru this website and...
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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    Hi bubblez Really nice of you to start this thread. Hi gals I am also considering my customary in Jun 05.. I have done some 'homework' by liseting the bridal studio, banquet etc.. Has been reading the comments on the threads to gather more info... Hopefully we can exchange more info...