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    Advice on Buying my first Car!

    Starcom, There's a facelift for Nissan Sunny. Maybe you could go to their website. I knew the older model, I dun like it too. The new facelift had make the back looked v stylo.
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    Advice on Buying my first Car!

    Hi, I just bought a new nissan sunny ex auto yesterday. My friend had just bought the same car so he recommended me to use group discount. Both of us got $200 dicount each. If you are interested in buying any nissan car, dun miss the chance to pull in for more group discounts. Btw, we had to...
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    Perfect Moment

    Hi All, I had played "Perfect Moments" 2yrs bk on my AD. V nice and F4 is still on the show. Now if u play it, it will be a replay and pp will still rem too.
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    Eczema problems

    Hi, can i have the info too? my email is [email protected] Thanks!
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    Part time maid

    Hi Cherly, She's employed by my neighbour but my neighbour allowed her to do part-time outside cos they r not paying her levy fee n she had to fork out herself. This is an agreement btw them.
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    Part time maid

    Hi Bleue, She stays ard Toa Payoh. SHe's a filipino. I believe if the no. of hours is substantial, she is able to service woodlands too. Jus gif her a call to enquire. No harm.
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    Part time maid

    Hi all, This person whom I am recommending is good in both cleaning service and oso baby care-taking. Her service is both e same $10/hr. SHe stands out as she is experienced in bb-care taking too. Her name is Marissah and you can reach her at her hp no. 91017480. Just let her know tat u r...
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    Any remedies for pimples?

    Hi Gals, My sister-in-law recommended to use Oxywash...I saw e improvement on her face, v significant. So I tried. Wah! Cheap n effective...Try it for a week n u can see the difference.
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    Bed Frame

    Hi Winnie, I liked the seahorse too. I bot e one wif 1 side medium support n the other side is hard support. I put it at my mum's pl n my new house is the King Koil one. When my hubby n i go bk to our new house, we had felt tat we had backaches...both of us preferred Seahorse. A good...
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    Recommend products for skin whitening

    Hi Flow, V gd idea for storing the tube. Will try it today. Hi PPG, I am stocking up too today. Went to Robinsons sales yday. Only 15% off the $36.90. So not worth it. Will go watson again. Can see my skin glow...It's like old skin exfoliated and new skin reborn. Hi Elle, I bot...
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    Recommend products for skin whitening

    Hi PPG, I jus bot the L'oreal whitening mask yday. I am amazed by the results. I had sensitive and some acne and scars on the face. The first time i use it yday, i felt that it had helped my face even out the tone. N my face became smoother n more had remove the dead cells from...
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    Window Grilles

    Hi, I got the aluminium window grilles, double hollow(there's several grade), the stronger one for my five rm flat @ $780. It's from Silver Century. HIs name is Mike. I can't remember his hp. IF u r interested, I can gif u tmr.
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    Ariston or Joven heater

    Hi okipoki, Me too. At tat time was deciding btw tis 2 brand. Both of them is selling at abt e same price. But e salesguy had advised me not to chose Joven cos although it's inner part is made of stainless steel, it's outer body is not. So in e long run, it will rust. FOr ariston, e outer...
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    Any advise on selecting a suitable mattress ?

    Hi all, Yday juz bot a queen size mattress from Seahorse Hecom from Marina square. It's 8 inch height. I bot e reversible one, one side medium support n e other is hard. It's at $379 after discount. I oso bot two foldable mattress at abt $23 for unexpected guest. Usual price is $95. I tink...
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    Choa Chu Kang Cresent / Yew Tee

    Hi Ahblur, How's yr reno wif Everlink? I had signed up wif Image Creative. Now waiting the permit for the hacking n erection of wall b4 they can start doing e flring...