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    hi all... appreciate it if u could PM me some of ur recommended contractors... keep seeing this Ah Soon name, but this forum abit hard to follow through... -_- is there any website for looking at the portfolio and all? and roughly what is the rough estimate for 3-room resale flat for those...
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    Best mascara??

    actually to avoid having clumps on lashes, best is u use tissue to remove the excess mascara on the brush... just cover over the brush and press. then u apply on ur lashes quickly. for me, i use only waterproof kinds, cos my face is oily lah, the eyelids easily oily... i use fasio and shu...
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    FH uninterested in wedding preps

    yah lor... tt's y i dun care... i nv pay for much stuff except those tt needed deposit i pay... the rest he pay... hahaha... =p he oso nv say anything...
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    FH uninterested in wedding preps

    Cynthia: haha... yah, tt's wad my hubby owiz say... wanna tie me down so other guys no chance... lol... Karine: agree, sometimes need to scare them abit... =p but sometimes understandable oso tt such details regarding preparations for ROM, wedding, whatever, guys are not tt interested lah...
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    What do you call your Husband or Boyfriend?

    haha... i like to disturb him n call him AH LAOOOOO... then he'll go "WAH LAOOOOO, can dun always see me n say WAH LAO or nt... see me so cham meh" kekekeke... he calls me honey or lou po zai... =p i call him dear/deardear/lou gong zai usually... =)
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    Do you wear your engagement/proposal ring everyday?

    Cynthia Tan: dun worry, i oso no diamond... =p SO no money... even my mummy got buy me diamond pendant lor... so ex somemore... see the receipt liao almost fall off the chair... hahahaha... so far we wearing both rings everyday... tho for him when he working he'll take off the rings lor, cos...
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    FH uninterested in wedding preps

    looks like i'm nt alone in tbis complaint... =p FH oso nt interested... i say want photograpber, he say dun need... then nw he say want photographer... -_- nw then he start kan cheong abt the preparations when the ROM is only in another few days! he oso say everything up to me lah... tt time...
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    40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s and Jazz songs

    jas: can u send me those songs also? need them for my ROM urgently... can PM me? thanks!!
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    Before you commit to a marriage

    i think it's also important to be committed to make things work after marriage lor. cos sometimes people before marriage just see the good things, think oh, i'll love him/her forever, accept him/her as he/she is. then one day they wake up without rose-coloured glasses or some situations poked...
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    Yafang: hmmm... i do understand the resentment, anger etc towards ur SIL... but i think no point throwing the tea back in her face and spoil the whole mood lor... getting married is a joyous occassion for both of u... =) later relatives see also may spoil mood for them mah... maybe juz spill her...
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    When a Girl calls you Dear

    i oso do call some closer guy friends dear or darling... =p even in front of my FH... but he's ok with it, cos he noes it's juz a term to me... cos b4 noeing him, i oredi call them dear, darling... started off as a tease some sort... then call until used to it le... habit liao... guy call gal...
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    Which Finger to put on the ring??

    for ROM the solemnizer said both wear on left 4th finger...
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    hi shellie, can PM me the info n ur email to? want to know more about this cream... thanks!
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    Dew76: try checking these 2 webbies... u can email them and check the prices... nt too bad... some can order low quantity one...