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    I think the best nail salon for me is still DIY.. :P
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    Any good cleanser?

    Hi Joanne, Can try Laneige Foaming cleanser.. it contains AHA mixtures frm 5 plants (Orange,lemon, Bilberry, sugar cane and sugar maple) to keep skin elastic and white birch extract to provide moisture for the skin... after washing skin will not feel tight or dry and it cost only $30 for...
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    Any good hair Salons to recommend?

    Hi CLover, I am currently looking at changing my stylist and saw ur post...since i stay near clementi i decide 2 gv it a im very particular abt my i have 2 make an appointment? u have their number?
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    A no-no to eat after eight?

    i thought the correct time should be not 2 eat after 9pm? o.O
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    Any recommendation for good make up remover????

    Baby oil may help i have tried using it to cleanse off stage and drama paint makeup which is way thicker.. =) so i guess shld be no prob for removing normal makeup and quite miid and gentle on skin.
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    2-way Cake - Duration of Use

    Hi MayLittle, You must be rather confusing now but its ok =) let me answer all ur enquiries. 2 way cake itself is a foundation.. which is why its also call 2 way foundation. Between this and liquid foundation, liquid it comes in a variety of texture from sheer to heavy or full coverage...
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    Hi Andrea, May i know are u looking at express or classic manicure..? =)
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    SKII Eye Mask

    Yup, its true..u can do that as an alternative way if u dun wanna spend so much money.. =)
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    Any good foundation for skin prone to breakout?

    Hi everyone, I have read most of the threads here and thought just wanna share my opinion frm a makeup artist view. =) Quency is actually correct..when it comes to choosing a foundation the most important thing is the tone and well does the product suits ur skin..and does it look...
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    Anyone tried to stick false eye-lashes?

    Hi Noamie, Oh dear..that is really an embrassing mischap.. but nowadays false lashes comes in many differ types and so is the lash glue. Perharps the one u were using is not sticky enough..?? =) But its also about the application technique..
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    Any good daily face moisturiser to recommend?

    I think the most important factor when choosing a good moisturiser besides the SPF and other stuff..most important is suits ur skin type and doesn't irritate ur skin =)
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    Any good eye lash curler to recommend?

    Yup..agree with andrea...i got a spring eyelash curler at Far East Plaza for only $5.90 and it actually curls better than my Shu Umera curler!
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    Anyone tried to stick false eye-lashes?

    Hi Dompz, As a makeup artist point of view, i wun say its unhealthy to wear it everyday but certainly u are not going to wear that to sleep are u? not sure the reason y ur liner and mascara is running, but perharps it could be due to several reasons like for instance mayb u have...
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    Perfume - Which one will you recommend?

    For me i think perfume is all about ur personality and whether the scent will suit ur natural body scent or not beside smelling good =) and also i guess its more of the type of mood u are in for that day and i feel that scent shld also goes with our dressing too and the kind of event and...
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    Good facial to recommend

    Hi Ladies, Not sure how comfortable u guys are with home based facial services, if yes u guys may want to contact my friend who is a freelance beautician who does home based facial..meaning she will go to ur house and do it in the comfort of ur own home, for people staying in hougang area i...
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    2 way cake to recommend?

    Hi Pinkblusher, Hmm...frm my opinion as a makeup artist, my advise is not to wear anything to sleep even though mineral powder mayb healthy coz after all its still a makeup in a powder form coz our skin cells will regenerate while we sleep...and putting on any sort of makeup or powder might...
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    Can TCM improve dark eye circles?

    Hi Starr, i have the same problem as u so i can understand how u dark eyes circles was with me ever since i was a young child..and it get worse when i not enuff sleep.. Recently i went to see a TCM doc coz of some stomach problem and he said it was also due to some poor blood...
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    Any recommendation for NON-OILY MOISTURIZER?

    HI Bangie, If ur skin is oily and dehydrated always... can try Laneige water bank series...its moisturising and no oily at all coz its water base..can try the water bank hydro gel suitable for both day and night use =)and suit for all skin type also
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    Any recommendation for good make up remover????

    Smoky black eyes, vivd red lips and waterproof mascara that promise resistent to tears and sweat and to hold your curl up to 8 hrs, we do love to put on the latest makeup trend and color but when it comes to removing makeup, we are spoil for a choice, cleansing oil, cleansing gel/cream and...
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    Any good facial in Hougang Area

    u may also want to try this friend of mine who is a freelance beautician.. u can visit her website