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    Selling andy lau tickets at cheap price

    what category is the seats and the seat number?? i am interested and for which date. Please PM me
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    Sell gold at pawnshop or goldsmith shop?

    both take in at almost the same rate. but if you go goldsmith shop and perform trade in, the exchange is higher
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    Irritating Ex-Owner

    i am still receiving my ex-owner's mails. My place is those old HDB flats with no "returned mail" mailbox. How can I get those senders (mainly organizations) from sending the mails to me? I had informed the agent to ask the ex-owner to collect but they never come. And I don't have the...
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    Renovation Contractor??

    go look at
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    Europe tour package - Many countries or 3 countries?

    hahaha...that's what most ppl will think but seriously, it's natural. Europe touring is actually very tiring. You won't even have the mood to get intimate...hahaha.. I went with Chan Bros during winter.
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    Europe tour package - Many countries or 3 countries?

    personal opinion is that it's bad and tiring. imagine 1/2 of the trip (not including breakfast), you are having meals along the highway
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    Europe tour package - Many countries or 3 countries?

    i went on option 1 for honeymoon. Basically I am against it. The majority of the time is spend on the coach travelling from place to place. I prefer to concentrate on 1 country and have more time for sight seeing
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    aiyah...if she dun do, then you just do lor...must be so picky to the extent that the work must be divided equally wife also like that...she dun do, then i do big deal mah...rather than face a black-faced god, just pick up the mop and broom and do it all quarrels...
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    I thought its was only a one-night stand but...

    i think you should just move on...what had happened had happened.