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    COME Share: Carat/Clarity/Colour of Ur Diamond Ring

    Mine is 0.61ct F VVS2 GIA EX/EX/EX in cut, polish and symmetry, in a traditional 4 claws setting from vivo diamonds.
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    How important is sex?

    There are as many answers to your question as there are people to answer it. For some once a year is enough, for other once an hour wouldn't quench their desire. We have been married for 35+ years. In the early years we were so broke that sex was our only entertainment. We use it as a way to...
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    Easy Way to Lose Weight

    When I stay active, I lose weight. It is just that simple. Part of the problem for me is when I am at home for long periods of time. There is just too much access to food. For many of us, social activities revolve around food. Gaining weight in these circumstances is just natural. On...
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    "Trichomonas Vaginalis" found

    Hi suzzane, T. Vaginalis is a very common STD. It's also a pain in the ass std. Men are usually asymptomatic, althought they can present with itching. It does not grow in urine culture and it's very common for couple to reinfect themselves over and over again. Like I said, it's a pain in the...
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    Should I take ACCA?

    ThEre is No dOUbt tht CA is Far fAr bEtter than ACCA bt one more Fact iS tht CA is Very DiffiCulT As Well...! MEans ull have to Work vEry veRy hard For iT... On the Other hand ACCA is pretty gud n itS easy to cover up thAn CA...! IF You ThiNk tht u can cover Up the Studies than U can Go for...
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    Nose fillers

    Hi According to Robert Mounsey, MD - Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon Injecting fillers into the nose is a relatively new technique. The results can be very good without the downtime and cost of surgery. However, the nose is a unique structure. It is a very mobile area. The skin and soft...
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    A smoke-free Singapore?

    If I may please clarify something ... you'd not be permitted to purchase cigarettes from Singapore's DFS shop because they are unfortunately not part of your duty-free allowance into Singapore, except for a utilised open pack. You may have problems clearing customs and face possible heavy fines...
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    What makes a man faithful???

    When a man finds a woman who means the world to him. He wants a woman who: adores him and encourages all his stupid aspirations (lol) looks good (even without makeup, so in good shape too) open about sex, and enjoys it (comments on how good he is) not dramatic, bitchy, whiny or too talkative...
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    How to Annul a Marriage in sg

    Hi, You can go to the law firm to apply for annulment, however both parties must consent to it. If one object, then you have to file for separation for three years and divorce. Legal Fees for Annulment usually cost around 2k-3k.
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    Brazilian Waxing

    Helloooo... I'm wanting to get a full brazilian done (everything off) and I was just wondering what happens when you go to get one done? Like what kind of wax is used, do you get ingrown hairs afterwards, what actually happens in the waxing room, and is there any regular maintanence you...
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    IPhone tracker??

    I thought it would be really cool if in the next update of the iPhone App a workout tracker that could be used to quickly record a workout at the gym could be added. This would make this app even more amazing than it already is and really be a great tool in the gym. It would be even better if...
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    Anyone who has "you pao" under eye area?

    Hi all, I have a close friend who is a beautician and she shared with me that for proper facial, the beauticians must do extractions in order to do thorough cleansing of skin such as oil clogs, blackheads, etc. This procedure very time consuming and a handful of beauty salons refused to do...
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    i used to have sothys treatment quite often in the past but have stopped since last year cause they are really quite costly!! but, no doubts, results are good. i did the deep hydrating and whitening treatment... cost about $250 per session!! really burnt a hole in my pocket... i guess...
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    You Pao

    "You Pao" is normally caused by products which are too rich. If it grows at the eye area, the extraction can be quite sticky. My beautician help me to squeeze them out for me. For those (under the skin for too long and have become skin tissue) will not possible to squeeze anymore. Need to...
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    Anyone know of any treatment for receding gums? I have this gum condition near my wisdom tooth. Hope to get it treated if there's any. Else, I'll lose both my wisdom and the one beside it
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    Amore Fitness at Woodlands Civic Centre

    i am still thinking on whether to go and extend the membership. have been with amore since 3 years ago. just started on my 4th year and thinking of extending my current packages to another 3 more years. reason is i find theres improvement in classess . the movement in the class are quite...
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    Good facial to recommend

    I recommend Mary Kay Timewise Moisturizer for dry skin. I use it as my basic year-round moisturizer. I can get those fine bumps on my cheeks that are a dry skin problem. I have never had any since I started using this several years ago. TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer (Normal/Dry) In...
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    Anti-ageing - Olay Total Effects

    Okay,this stuff is AMAZING!!!! Oil of Olay's Night Firming Cream! It really works. I could see a difference within days, not weeks. I've been using it nearly every night now for 5 weeks. I look sooo much better now. Even along the jawline and neck. This is a miracle in a jar...
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    Anyone know of a good place to rebond hair

    Hi I have done 3 times rebonding so far (I did it once a year), 2 times do it in Jean Yip, 1 time in a salon in Arcade (recommended by colleague). I can only say I like the effect from Jean Yip salon, because it is really very naturally and it really LAST, despite me having this habit of...
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    Any good Eyebrow Countouring/Embroidery to recommend?

    is it called eyebrow embroidery?? got this famous shop in bishan which cost ard $100+ alot of my frens went there liao.. it is by appt basis and appt waiting time takes ard 2 mths