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    2018 BTB

    haha.. since its oct 2018.. now book like a bit too kiasu.. i guess no JP will entertain me also.. hehehex
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    Losing weight

    im taking protein shake for breakfast and i reduce to almost zero carbs intake.. reduce your food intake and have more (eg. 5 to 6) meals a day instead.. hungry in between can choose to eat fruits.. i usually take papaya, blueberry strawberries etc.. i drink 3L of water per day also.. no sugar...
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    2018 BTB

    Hey ladies.. Im Oct 2018 BTB! [emoji16].. Solemnization n AD on the same day.. So wan to seek advice.. How long in advance shld I contact and book our JP?
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    Hi, can we know what happened? Mandarin orchard is one of the hotels I'm considering..
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    2018 BTB

    Hello.. Think the famous one will be Master Long and David Tong.. Gotten my dates from David Tong.. Same as me.. My wedding also around 12 to 13 tables only.. U can consider One degree marina, or Regent hotel..
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    2018 BTB

    Hi all, I'm 2018 BTB as well.. but wedding date not confirmed yet.. hehex.. went to Mandarin Orchard wedding show today and was super disappointed and upset with the coordinator.. the coordinator show us a black face through our discussion. and guess what, I was there only for 10 mins.. she...
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    Letting go my AD video & photo

    hi, is the package still available? can you PM me the details please?
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    Hotel Jen Tanglin, Singapore by Shangri-La

    anyone emailed hotel Jen recently? Email them to request for 2018 wedding package since almost 2 weeks ago but till date no reply.. zzZ