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    Makeup artist- Dily

    Hi gals, may i know if my Bs doesnt tie up with Dily Wang & i would like to engage her how does the trial make up goes? Does she do the trial on our fitting at the BS or we meet up with her on our own, have the trial then decide to engage her for AD or not?? thx
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    AD Photogrpahy Questions

    Hi victor, thx for the updates.
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    Any good dermatologist to recommend?

    Hi, I am plaaning to see a skin doctor, may i ask anyone been to Dr Patricia Yuen or Dr Wong Su Ni? I am thinking of seeing either one but not too sure about their charges & results. Please kindly advice & share with me, if there are other good dermalogist pls recommend too. Thx
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    Silverlining Bridal Couture

    Hi Huiz.. nice pix.. you look very pretty & your gowns are lovely too.. Does Jit specialise in beadings & embroidery works? Btw.. saw that you had 2 evening gowns.. how much does Jit charge for an extra piece of EG? Normally Bs package only has 1 EG? Pls kindly email me if you do not...
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    Indian wedding Services in Singapore

    Hi brides, congrates on your wedding. Just wandering can anyone enlighten me on how is the customery for Indians weddings? I am interested to know more about the culture since we are living in a multi racial country. Do you have any tea ceremony,dowry,gifts etc..? It will be great to exchange...
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    Tuxedo Shirt

    Hi doris, may i ask how much does cyc charge for your HB tuxedo? me looking too.. thx
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    Amanda Lee Weddings

    Hi Cindy.. thx..Ted Wu beadings & embroidery would be better okie. Any idea on whether other designer I could also consider?
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    AD Photogrpahy Questions

    Hi, thx to all who gave advices. So, it is really those BS that plans to earn additional $$ from us therefore they refuse to return those pix to us.. there are other BS which returns only those you have chose to print. An as usual, they will say is so much better than those BS that never rtn any...
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    Who got the Marriage Budget Spreadsheet?

    Hi, can i have a copy too please? thanx! [email protected] thx
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    Amanda Lee Weddings

    Hi cindy,thx for the infos..does that includes flowers,corsages,etc. How about men's suit too? Btw, Is Amanda good in beadings & embroidery work? thx
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    40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s and Jazz songs

    Hi, Pls share with me thr song too [email protected] Thx!!
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    1st dish song?

    Hi, can anyone sent me the following songs. My email [email protected] 1) Be my guests 2) THE BOND - Instrumental 3) Allegrato - THE BOND 4) The Gift - Collin Roye & Susan Ashton 5) You're still the one - Shania Twain 6) I promise you - N' Syn 7) Let's Never Stop Falling in...
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    At The Beginning - Donna Lewis & Richard Marx

    Hi Nicole & photostory, Pls kindly share with me the songs for wedding dinner? My email is [email protected] Thanks!
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    Amanda Lee Weddings

    HI summerice,thx for letting me know, in this case i will bring the pix down to show her when i fix for an appt. And yes, ,me most probably will be having mtm gown.. may i ask how much is her mtm pricing?
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    Amanda Lee Weddings

    thx summerice, so amanda adds more colour to her gown..thats intersting.. me not so much into laces but more to beadings & embroidery work.. I t would be great if she specialise in that too? Btw, is it alright to bring pix of the gowns we like in on the ist appt so tht we can ve a quote...
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    Amanda Lee Weddings

    HI CSI,BB Queen & summerice, thx for the informations.. Is Amanda previously at SIL? Is her pricing about the same as SIL too?
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    AD Photogrpahy Questions

    Hi stephen thx.. Hi everyone.. can anyone advice why noramlly soft copies are not returnable to customers but for AD it will be returned? Is this the norm practice for all PS photographers or only those one stop BS with in-house photographer practice that? thx
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    Frederick Lee Bridal

    Hi, can anyone advice me if we do not require his make up.. how would fredrick charge the package? Btw, who are the mua that ties up with him? thx
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    AD Photogrpahy Questions

    Hi stephen thanx for the informations. Btw.. have a question it better to sign with the photographers that tied up with the bridal studio or sign up with them directly? would there be any difference in terms of package/pricing etc..,pls kindly advice.