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    How can I get over?

    What i feel is tat, u should consider the long run, the future.. will you able to accept how his family will treat you even tho he fought his way to be with you eventually. There will be lots of hurdles along the way and will he be able to handle all those later? love urself.. take care..
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    Help me.

    well.. from your past thread and now this.. u seemed to have a dramatic life... hope u can sort things out well.. good luck..
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    Vagina Odours

    hmm.. then i think you should see a doc.. strong smelling is not common..
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    What Will U Do If U Know Ur Hubby Is Having An Affair?

    I guess to expose an affair needs lots of guts too.. and provided that you are mentally prepared. I totally can feel for the saying "truth hurts". Alvin, jia you..
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    What Should i do?

    wow.. i couldn't made up of majority of wat exactly she is trying to convey.. with all the short form... slingo or watever it is called. for a moment i thought i was reali old and tat was like so call generation gap... =.=
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    How stress is too stressed for wedding prep?

    im feeling the pressure too.. i haven done much even tho mine is like another 8 months later... the groom is not in town.. duno how to start..
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    My secret affair

    it sure do looks like a porn story.. im not sure wat's the whole point of this thread? just telling us her experience?
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    Pregnant 1 year before wedding?

    y wendy? y dont wan to keep?
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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    hi lavend, i haven gone thru ROM.. thinking of doing it all on the same day. Hmm... where can i find those checklist?
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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    Hi all, I'm also an aug 09 BTB. AD will be on 15th aug 09. However, i haven done much prep.. cept to more or less confirm the banquet venue. I guess the next step is to find bridal studio rite.. sorry.. im quite clueless...
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    2 brothers cannot get married on the same year??"

    Hi All, Sorry, im very blur here.. I need to confirm again.. One sister and one brother can married in the same year? But it must be how many months apart? Thanks..