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    Anyone has wedding speech for to share?

    anyone has thank you speech for bride in english and chinese to share? need it urgently... [email protected] thanks alot
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    Any thank you speech to share?

    can i have a copy of thank you speech, in chinese and english? [email protected] thanks alot
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    Thank you speech

    can someone send me a copy, in chinese and english? i need it urgently... [email protected] thanks alot
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    Thank you speech

    may i have a copy of the thank you speech? in chinese and english? my email is [email protected]. thanks alot
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    Speech by bride/groom

    hi, can i have a copy of the speech? my email is [email protected]
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    Advise on Outdoor Photoshoot Preparation

    hi people, can email yr outdoor photoshoot to my email at [email protected]? im thinking of where to head to for my outdoor shoot next mth.... thanks
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    M Hotel Singapore

    Hi carolyee, can share with me what is nice for food tasting? i havent try mine yet... hehe
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    M Hotel Singapore

    Hi, try calling their mobile no. again... btw, Evangeline mobile is just a last number different from Eugene. hers is 5 n Eugene is 4 i think.... it will be better to arrange for weekday evening meetup as weekend slots are usually taken up quite quickly.
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    M Hotel Singapore

    any other perks that i can ask for before i sign up the package with M hotel? did anyone try to bargain or ask for more perks? please advise..
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    M Hotel Singapore

    thanks As Fate Says for the info but i dun realli understand the details mention in the licencing thing actually... will u be able to elaborate on it?
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    M Hotel Singapore

    heard from frens who recently got married that some hotels have issues on music embedded for march in and etc... we need to go get original music otherwise, we cant use the music. you guys have solutions to that? apparently, M hotel is one of the hotels thats affected, heard its new law.... duno...
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    (2011/02) Feb 2011 BTB

    hi, can i have some of the wedding details? be it banquet or bridal package? going to get date from Fengshui master this weekend since tong shui will only be available in Sept... aims to be BTB in Feb 2011 also... can email to [email protected]
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    2011 Tong Shu

    anyone can suggest where to look for master advice for wedding dates? need to look for one rather urgently. pls email me details at [email protected] thanks
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    Any advice on Banquet in hotels - budget between $700 - $800++ per table

    same here, Novotel is one of my choices too...but plan to hold wedding in early 2011. pls email detials to [email protected], thanks
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    Advise needed on where to hold weddin banquet

    hi can email me details and price still negotiable? pls email to [email protected], thanks
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    Amara or Novotel Clarke Quay ?

    hi, can email me details to [email protected], thanks
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    2011 wedding banquet at hotel.. budget $800 ~ $900.. any suggestions

    hi all ,im interested to have info for various hotels too. can email me details to [email protected], thanks
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    2011 Banquets - When will prices be out?

    can share with me the list for 2011?can email me details to [email protected], thanks
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    Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package

    hi, can i have any BS package that u guys previously signed up? thanks... can email me [email protected], appreciate help greatly
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    All brides!! Survey on OTR or MTM??~

    hi, im new here.. will be signing up for a bridal package in 1 mth time. .can anyone give me suggestion or recommendation on the bridal package? so that i can bargain or to check on the package went to French studio to have a look.. is it gd? afew of my frens sign up there... my sis sign up in...