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    Anyone resigned without a job

    Hi ya, we are in the same boat minty... and know what...i've decided to quit... finally... after 4 yrs stick to this job... but enough is enough... 1 aug will tender... then will have plenty of time to attend interview .. if there's any luck... ;)
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    CFA anyone?

    good college to recommend for cfa?
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    CFA anyone?

    hey thanks ahfaye & oceandeep for your advice. are u taking it now or completed? roughly how long it takes to get thru all? 5 yrs? surely tough huh.. more than acca? can;t make up my mind.... deadline getting closer...
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    CFA anyone?

    Hi all, can anyone advise what's pro and contras of CFA? I'm still considering ACCA or CFA. Know it's not really comparable. Got deg in a/c. Thinking of further studies. Pls advise.