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    Devastated and Lost

    Past these old milestones.... & Create new milestones...;)
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    Husband cheated on me twice...

    TS... be strong.. as what bro rip suggested ..focus on your kids now. At times..we just arent appreciated by others ...sad to say. Spend some time to think for yourself too to be fair for yourself going forward.
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    Devastated and Lost

    All will be well.:)
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    Opinions needed

    Cold war will always be a ticking clock... Cold war would also lead to many coldwars. Agreed with others.. cold war is the outcome of both having too big ego... If small issues cannot be comprised.. forget abt the larger issues to be faced in the future. Bound to be more.
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    Devastated and Lost

    Prize ? What abt a trophy. I dont think TS has the intention to ever treat it as a prize. Is about being reponsible and committed in taking care on own family be it kids or even your parents. To what degree can you achieve ? To what degress can you maintain ? To what degree can you sacrifice ?
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    My husband is an introvert and boring person

    @katc So what has changed ? Dnt not see not able to travel or hike mountain or lakes..etc as a main cause... He seems like a outdoor guy... Why he dont want to talk to you ? Is it because of your tone or something else. ? Normally who would start conversation first ? Expectation at this...
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    My husband is an introvert and boring person

    Have both of you through this 8 years done something together ? Travel? See shows? .. Done things together outside the home ? Didnt try together for a baby ?
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    My husband is an introvert and boring person

    How did both of you get married ? There must be something that both of you get attracted to each other...
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    Devastated and Lost

    The scars would always be there... Nothing in the world would be able to heal it like nothing happened... You can lighten the scars but they will never never be removed. Best is to have yourself zapped to have memory removed...
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    Devastated and Lost

    Time will tell. Rip is correct. What she done in the past may not haunt her now..but will in future.. worse when you least expected it in dufferent forms.
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    Should I accept his marriage proposal?

    Dont have can be good.. can be bad.. let it be.
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    What makes a guy ‘ghost’ or ‘disappear’ without a word?

    Is like a target practise.. some you hit...some you dont... move on for other target.. If they are still serious.. the arrow will fly back hahah
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    Devastated and Lost

    MR.J, Sorry to hear about your sad case. You never know how far you would walked with you wife still on your last day of life. All are just wishes n hope on the marriage vows. Even if you find a plain jane.. she would still changed due to the society. You are not just marrying for 5 yrs...
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    Should I accept his marriage proposal?

    TS, I think you would really need to think about it. I am sure any younger man would have affinity with your daughters if given a chance. The man's daughters of course will smile at you since they are already married and now their dad found someone. They only want their dad to be happy for...
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    Should I accept his marriage proposal?

    Why the rush... you are only 33 ? Did you went out and know new people NOT just him.
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    Mindset on Wedding

    If you love this man after much thoughts and same wise for him to you to spend the life a family....etc go for it. Wedding is just a process...enjoy the process....this process can be simple...can be complex ...can be cheap..can be expensive. Work it out with your HTB...
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    Should I divorce my unreasonable wife?

    Hi..Mr.J, Sorry to hear about your marriage. You are right to talk to a may want to talk to a lawyer too. Is def not going to be a easy closure for you after reading from your post. Be brave at what you have decided and seek your peace n happiness.. you owe it to yourself.
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    The ever changing society tend to led relationship to flip flop. Think abt it.. increased expectation.. increased in temptation.....unbalance work life etc. tend to influence a person whether you are single or married. Is natural for a person to want the best.. but how much level a person...
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    How many of you met your partner through SDS, SDU or private dating agencies?

    Mentally unsound sad to say. Hope you got off easily that time.