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    Review of St Regis Wedding Banquet (John Jacob Ballroom)

    No I think OP was trying to feedback to the hotel in the hope that they will change their processes. But since it seems like they "brushed him off" and were not serious about fixing stuff for future couples, I think it's fair that he posted his views to give the rest a heads up. Things must...
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    My negative experience with super panda presents

    Thanks ladies for sharing! So sorry to hear about your experiences
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    Actual Day Photo and Video to let go

    Hi, could you send the details to [email protected] please? thanks!
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    2018 BTB

    Hi! I booked with Marina Mandarin for March 2018 haha here are my inputs 1) how do you decide on your budget since we will recover an unknown amount from the angbaos? I chose the cheapest option that can satisfy my in-laws. Given a choice I would have been happy with Ban Heng, Peony Jade...
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    Good JP to recommend?

    My JP Mr Chia Ngiang Hong was on time and the solemnisation process was very smooth.... Granted he's not on the list of 'top solemnizers' but I was very happy with what he did for us
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    Recommendations for solemnization venue. (10 Pax only)

    Not quite in the north but I booked a 12 pax lunch with private room and ROM set up at golden peony conrad. If that venue works for you can consider
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    Good JP to recommend?

    By right it should be around 3 months from the solemnisation really depends on the JP. A JP i contacted 6 months before mine told me he was booked for my date already whereas others told me it's too early for them to commit...finally secured mine abt 4 months from the solemnisation
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    J.W. Marriott at South Beach

    wow that's new....marina mandarin only requires us to pay the full 60k or so (less deposit of 8k) upon checkout after the banquet
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    Need help! Ideas for lunch buffet after rom (11am)

    I'm having my rom lunch at golden peony Conrad, 15pax as well Conrad was kind enough to let us have a private room with free rom table setup Min spend 110 per adult
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    Military wedding

    Perhaps the party who is in the military should check with his/her colleagues? there's an SOP somewhere We will be doing the military march in thingy too and I'm leaving it to my fiance (who's in the military) to handle it
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    2018 BTB

    I signed with Marina Mandarin for 14xx nett for sat dinner.... i think their price list is out online I know their ceiling is low but price was my main consideration - I just wanted to get the cheapest hotel venue that my HTB's parents are fine with =D
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    Equal split vs guy bears more of the cost

    Banquet paid from joint account (all angpows will go to the joint account too) I think he will end up having paid more overall because there are some costs borne by him solely eg angpow for my mum and engagement ring but I don't think the diff will be great What other costs are there hmm
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi hi I'll be having my wedding at MM too! Could you share the dishes you selected?
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    2018 BTB

    I think it's fine....I will probably be getting mine at a jeweler whereas he will get his for the rom ceremony at couple lab or something since he can't wear a ring at work
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    Good JP to recommend?

    Hi I noticed most JPs met up face to face to sign the consent form. Is the original hardcopy of the consent form required? I got my consent form signed via email - i.e. only scanned PDF copy. Anyone went ahead with just a scanned copy?
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    ROM, tea ceremony and AD clarification

    Hi I booked Conrad (Golden Peony) for my ROM - it's a super intimate ceremony with immediate family (13 pax) It wasn't my first choice cos Grand Shanghai was not available on my preferred date but the Conrad staff were v accommodating and they did not charge extra for the use of a small...
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    2018 BTB

    Hi March 2018 BTB here! So far I've only booked my banquet venue - don't plan to do a pre-wed shoot