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    Last price: $80. PM for deal.
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    Martello capsule coffee machine (black)

    Selling 1 set of coffee machine with coffee capsules and box. Last Seen 31st march Selling at $298 Best Denki. Used only twice. Selling off @ $150 only. Specs: 20 Bar Pressure 980 watts motor 1.3 liter, removable and transparent water tank Capsule ejection system Size : Height 30 cm, width 23...
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    I have a GUESS giftcard for sale. Expiring May 2013. Amt: $100. Selling @ $90
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    Is it true unlimted shots @ $188?? Effective?
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    ROM @ Kuriya Penthouse

    Can Anyone share the ROM package? Thanks
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    Be Wary of Villa Raintree @ Labrador Nature Reserve

    Would you be able to PM me ur package details? Is it around the same budget for villa Raintree? Any pics to show?
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    Be Wary of Villa Raintree @ Labrador Nature Reserve

    In May, when we were there, there were ppl holding their wedding. Due to these heavy downpour, perhaps NP has decided close it for safety reasons. This is indeed disappointing If we were to use it and the ground collapses, it would be a major diaster. Hope to check with Tom to see if there...
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    Be Wary of Villa Raintree @ Labrador Nature Reserve

    Hi Serine, By When are they officially closing it? Thanks
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    Must wait for MAYER Warehouse sale!!!

    Any news?? Hoping to save some money
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    $29k - Advice on quote for 4A resale flat

    Hi Bouncy, You can look for my ID, we are in the midst of getting a design from them, chose them as they are a design consultancy firm not those normal decorative IDs. His name is Wee Boon. 91883016. You can quote the "Seets".
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    Men suit

    Hi oct_baby, In fact, I paid less than $80 per shirt. He does suits too but mine rented at BS so no need to buy… Me and my FHB thought we found a hidden treasure heehee… if you had seen which tailorshops give them to manufacture. It will be better if you make appt with him and go...
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    Men suit

    I did my FHB shirts for photoshoot over a factory situated at Macpherson, so definitely cheaper than fanciful retails. I saw they do shirts for many tailor shops in town… so I guess we are getting the direct manufacturer price. I think less than one week they called me to say it is ready...
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    Be Wary of Villa Raintree @ Labrador Nature Reserve

    Hi Marcia, I've booked it with them even before the incident happened. I went down on the 23rd June Sunday, just to have an idea of my florist works, Mind you, the ROM was ongoing that day between a Caucasian and Chinese girl. They looked so picture perfect. Together with the...
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Thanks Master Tong for the advice. Can you advise what are the typical procedures a feng shui master will take when looking at a Feng Shui for my HDB 4 room flat. Can I know the charges for that? Thanks
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    Anyone did TOILET RENO with spray over coating?

    Anybody knows David number? He is uncontactable with the given numbers. Thanks and appreciate it
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi Master Tong, We have had our keys in May. This June will be a handover of my resale flat for checking which falls on next sunday 12.30pm, but the previous owner will not be moving out till the following day. We will not be moving in yet. Please advise if there are any steps to take note...
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    Any carpool from Sin Ming to Parkway??
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    Be Wary of Villa Raintree @ Labrador Nature Reserve

    Hi Everyone, I beg to difer. Yup, I had my reservations before booking the event with them. I even spoke to the Tom, the Manager at Olive Restorante. I am now holding my ROM at the glasshouse in September 2010 and Tom, the manager, is really nice. He explained to me the various...
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Who's attending the wedding fair this Friday besides me?