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    3 Tier Wedding Cakes

    hi kel can pm the bakery details too? thks [email protected]
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    WMF Pots and Pans

    so prof series better? bought one 7 years back..quite disappointed..told my friends WMF onli nice to look at (the chinese saying zhong kan bu zhong yong) I bought it coz it looks so nice and quite cheap too.. Used AMC in the end..quality wise is much better.
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    Women Health Screening

    sorrie tingshen juz realise that u made a posting. I tried to search for the URL but not sure how come I cannot access it. I hv add on quite a number of cancer markers. That is why it cost up to $400+. If I never go for the check up, I wouldnt hv known I got a 2 cm nodule on my ovary...
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    Women Health Screening

    I paid $400+ (includes some blood test like markers)at Woodlands Polyclinic. It takes less than a few hours. They actually hv this private clinic for Woodlands Polyclinic. Also hv a pantry where they will provide sandwiches/drinks after the blood tests. The doctor will go through the...
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    House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?

    On second thoughts, better to go with the company that got insurance. Esp when u hv valuable things. My buyer engaged a mover and on the day of moving, the worker knocked against the big mirror. He denied it at first but my buyer caught him. The company end up hv to pay $800+ whereas the bill...
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    Beauty Magic by Liren Neo (Makeup Artist)

    hi Anya True that she pay more attention to bride but the money paid to make up my mum is not cheap. So I thought it should look above average? Tink my mum look pretty much the same if she does it herself. My sis at first wanted her to do makeup and hair styling but after she looked at my...
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    House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?

    Sorry to hear abt yr bad experience rollfade. Thanks for sharing wif us. At least, we can know who are the bad ones around and less likely to use them.
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    Beauty Magic by Liren Neo (Makeup Artist)

    Liren is good however I find that the makeup she done for my mum is only so-so..nothing spectacular. Wonder am I the one only who tink so? anyone can share?
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    House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?

    I juz moved my hse last wk. Helping Hands really very fast and good. 6 strong helpers and they moved really fast.
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    Ex-schoolgirls meeting place

    Whenever I tink of Marymount, always reminds me of the fierce teachers there. Mrs Yee, Mrs Teo, Miss Fong..all very fierce ones. And I do find things sold in our tuckshop is expensive as compared to other schools.
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    About Cafe' Cartel

    tink some outlets no standard coz franchise..but do try the one at Serangoon Gardens..tink it is first or one of the first outlets to open
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    House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?

    Hi YS Lam Juz saw yr msg. I dun hv the contact right now. Hv to check with my husband. U still need it? Richard from Helping Hands revised price from $280 to $230 because he saw we dun hv much things to move. Is actually $200 and extra $30 is because my mum's plc do not hv direct access...
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    House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?

    My hubby has asked the Helping Hands. They charge $280/trip (covered truck). They gave a certain number of cartons and hv to pay $1/ctn if u need more. Seems very reasonable.
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    Does anyone face difficulties buying a flat now???

    try searching the flats through website. I myself hv put up my flat for sale at some website including the one u can find at HDB. Had my buyer surf the net, he would hv save himself agent fee. His agent juz surt the website and contacted me.
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    A place to show your beautiful kitchen....

    pic of my kitchen..however not as modern as kitchen is constructed 6 years ago..
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    15th Level - Highest Floor

    The highest floor in my flat is 16 but I chose 14th floor instead. Initally wanted the highest but my hubby pointed out to me...the 15th/16th do not hv full glass windows for their master bedroom whereas 14th floor hv top to bottom full glass windows.
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    My hubby booked a room at Pan Pacific 2 months ago for our third wedding anniversary. Had my wedding 3 yrs ago and the service are good. The service is still very good. It is a hotel that provides a personal touch. We received a delicious chocolate cake/chocolates, fruits and cookies...
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    About Cafe' Cartel

    diff store diff food quality. Hated the one at Raffles City. I luv going to the one at Serangoon Gardens. Better quality and I luv their garlic bread.
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    Merchant Court Swissotel

    anyone know the price of lunch per head at Merchant Court for this December?
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    Dragon Gate Restaurant

    anyone know how much per table for wedding for this yr? Am curious because I just attended one last few weeks. The menu look delicious but it turned out.... The waitress attended to my table is friendly though..but am surprised DG dun provide extra set of cutlery. I requested for change...