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  1. K

    Sad and depressed

    Not trying to be bad but... U mean ur wife?? Did u do something wrong to her?
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    Sad & Confused

    He love another girl but maybe get rejected? Cos the girl knew he is married. No future with him. And who wants to get played by him? I hv a colleague who actually said the same thing to all other girls. But of course no body knew except me. He even tried to sweet talk to me. I told him stop...
  3. K

    what should i do to make him stay?

    That's like history.. But now then get trigger..?
  4. K

    To get married or not?

  5. K

    Not sure what to do

    Can I say something? He not willing to break up with you partly because he knows no one can stand him.. Other than you.. - maybe
  6. K

    What should i do to stop that lady to keep texting my husband

    Warao... Those property agents.. Tsjj