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    Anyone tried OSIM uZap?

    I have use Uzap in the past but no use. Maybe I din massage wof toning or slimming cream. Will con't & update u ladies yeah....
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    Pai Du Mei Yuan Bao

    Actuali, if our menses is correct, it shouldn't b a lot de. Remember when we were younger & our mum told us not 2 take pineapple or cold drinks, else period wil have alot & prolong. Period tat take 2 long 2 clear or 2 much meaning we have lots of clot blood 2 clear. So lesser is good...
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    Bloated stomach

    Hi innocentwar, i do not face such prob. May I noe how many glass of water u took? U may be not use 2 it as it is a form of tonic. It some how feel ur stomach. S 2 feelin weak is bcos u pespire as a form of detox. DO u break out cold sweat?
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    Any exercise gel to recommend

    I am using a contouring gel tat was newly launch, previously only available in USA. So far not purchase off shelf. Was recommended by my fren during pdt soft launch. Has been using for 2 days. results to shown within 2 weeks or $ back guarantee fr my frens. IF u ladies interested, can join...
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    A good pushup bra

    If u ladies want cleavage, y not try bust serum? I am using 1 tat reali create cleavage within 2 weeks of usage. Bust firmer & fuller too.
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    A good pushup bra

    If memory nvr gail, bra price range from 30+ onwards. U can try, I tik they r more 4 asians cut.
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    Anyone tried eyelashes extension?

    Hi Ladies, I have a fren who did it @ hougang, those home base beautician & she commended that they did a good job.. I did mine @ Tiong Bahru, tik it's d same s daphne_yun. I paid almost 200 for it as the beautician claims that my lashes r short & hidden & curl @ wrong...
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    Pai Du Mei Yuan Bao

    hi snowbell42, u shld con't. I face d same prob... Tis happens bcos our system is a bit bad le.... I use 2 b super normal w/o cramps during younger days. For the past 3 yrs, I start 2 have cramps & hurts badly. When I started B&H 3 mths ago, my 1st period is normal, 2nd period was...
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    Is ESTRO effective? Makes your breasts bigger?

    I am using one but not estro & it reali make me bigger within a week. Can pm me if want more info ba....
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    Advice on Stroke patient

    From my understanding, stroke occur when the vessels are block by excess fats in the blood vessels. U shld try 2 clear the fats by detox, acupuncture, or massage. Hence, improving blood circulations.
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    Bloated stomach

    Hi sensech, yes it works cos I took it last time & my tummy will bloat b4 menses & sometimes stretch thru out.... But now no more... U can try... Else u can pm me 2 share s I got offer fr fren @ cheaper price
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    Constipation (Anyone has any help)

    Ladies, though most MIC stuff r doubtful but tis is Hong Kong company just that plant base in China 4 cheaper cost.
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    Any fast ways to reduce weight within 2mths time?

    Hi Ladies, dun go 4 slimmin pills. I use 2 take slimmin pills & it almost ruin my health & my social life. Rather go for natural stuff than chemical stuff.... Though more expensive but it's definitely worth it.
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    About Silicon Bras

    For usage of non-bra adhesive bra, I think bust muz b firm & full, else use it, like my fren, look flat flat & not nice leh.
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    A good pushup bra

    i like ero, they r good !!