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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    hi everyone, my fiance and i will also be holding our wedding dinner at GCW in Jan 2012! we'll be meeting the coordinator, Xuan Ning next week to firm up the contract. has anybody worked with her and can provide any feedback about what we should take note? also I agree with some of you...
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    hello Jensen! thanks for your warm welcome! =) yepps, I've been contacting Shi Shi via email to fix an appointment to confirm details. I feel sorry that it's so difficult to find a time for 3 of us to meet up.. hee.. anyway, I wanted to know if anyone knows the pricing for weekend dinner...
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hello! I'm about to sign up with Marriot for Jan/Feb 2012 dinner banquet. Anyone here around the same time too? I'd like to find out what are the package deals available that I should look out for? feeling rather excited about it since there're so many positive feedback over here!
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    (2012) 2012 Brides to be

    hello! im new to posting here but have been following the threads for sometime now i was wondering if anyone here is doing a banquet in Marriot during Jan/Feb 2012. cos i would like to find out a bit about the package/deals before gg down to meet with the coordinator. thanks much!