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    Should I divorce my unreasonable wife?

    Heres the hard truth lah. You are a push over, Mr Nice guy. You have to learn how to control your woman, and put your foot down. You have been letting things slide too much and now she controls everything. Now both of you resent each other.
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    go for the quite/shy guys, they are usually allot more loyal.
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    What makes a guy ‘ghost’ or ‘disappear’ without a word?

    You have to take initiative , dont expect the guy to initiate every conversation and do everything for you. i wont be surprised if he found someone who pays more attention to him.
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    what would you do

    if he can cheat on his wife, dont be surprised when cheats on you.
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    20 years relationship I can't loss him

    Dont know if this is a troll post or what. Could be fake. But i can tell your psychology. You only like him when he wants to leave. When he stays and loves you, you get bored and disinterested. Time to grow up, you are not a child anymore.
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    Post marital affair - How much trying is enough?

    This is a hard truth, dont get offended. There is a reason why men seek prostitutes. Even if the wife is good to him and does all the housework, take care of the children etc. Men will still stray. Because there is an animal/primal nature inside all of us that needs to be satisfied. The...
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    Sex and love

    It could be performance anxiety or maybe he has erection problems. Some men are a shamed of this so they pretend they dont need sex. Does he watch allot of porn? If so, ask him to cut down. Wear sexy lingerie and be extra feminine/cutsy to attract him.