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    Any Interior Design Firm to recommend?

    Well, I happen to chance upon this thread about interior designers.. From my own experience, my wife and I visited a couple of IDs and honestly, their quoted prices are really expensive! At such exorbitant rates!? Considering the renovations that we wanted to do are perhaps quite standard, the...
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    It's true, finding direct carpenters or contractors definitely beats having a costly interior designer who, in my opinion, overcharges on so-called simplistic or minimalist designs. I got my carpenters from Singapore Cabinet Makers. You can google them online. Top of the list.
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    Anyone have good carpenter to recommend - price cheap n realiable

    I did my kitchen cabinets directly with a local carpentry workshop. My wife and I are certainly pleased with their workmanship. Custom made kitchen cabinets are definitely much better than those Ikea chipboard ones. You can google Singapore Cabinet Makers. Or...
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    AXXA design & print - good experience with them!

    Some good word-of-mouth about AXXA that I want to pass around AXXA really has skilled designers and friendly staff like Mary and Carmen. My wife and I are both very impressed with their beautiful artwork design and expeditious printing. Thank God for such wonderful talents! Do give them a...
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    Where to get nice personalised wedding invitation cards at $1 each

    To all card printers, i am looking for wedding cards, below $1, email your contacts and a sample of cards to [email protected] (Quantity 150) many thanks.
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    Painting of House/HDB flat/Room

    hey fuzziebear, have you received any recommendations? I'm also lookin for good painters at affordable prices. Anyone, if you have, pls share here. Thanks lots!
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    LOVERS' CONCERTO, anyone has the song? need it urgently..... pls help me.....

    Hi, pls send it to me also (music alone w/o kelly's singing) thanks! [email protected]
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    An emcee script for the wedding dinner

    Hi, I'm also looking for a copy of English and Chinese emcee scripts. Can someone share yours with me at [email protected]? Thanks so much!
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    Pin Jin Issue (Dowry Issue)

    lovie dovie: thanks for the replies btw, has anyone come across presenting of 24 red packets (pin jin) and their significance? my parents did that in their time, but they're unsure of its significance (cos they're also following traditional customs etc. ) as for nappy and 'shit' money...
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    Pin Jin Issue (Dowry Issue)

    hi, i've actually asked this in another thread, but there seems to be so many threads on the same topic :D is the pin4 jin1 to be in a single red packet or in a number of separate red packets (for the bride's parents to choose amount and return some)? cos in my parents' time, there should be...
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    Actual Day Schedule

    is it a must for the bride to change into 'kua' when we return to her parents' place for tea ceremony? (after 1st tea ceremony at groom's place).. our wedding will be a church reception after early morning tea ceremony. or is this a specific dialect group customs only? (btw, we're both...
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    PIN JIN (聘金)

    hi all, is the amount packed in a single red packet? or several separate red packets so as to enable bride's parents to choose amount and return some. i've heard of 24 red packets but that was during my parents' time..