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    Do i need to keep 1 seat for the photographer?

    Hi, I won't advise leaving a seat for your photographer. I treated my photographer as a friend, and left a seat for him. Ended up he kept eating and missed out all the important shots. Wedding photo is once in a lifetime. Dinner, anytime also can. U can buy him dinner after receiving ur...
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    Accupunture Slimming Recommendation Help Needed..

    Hi wen ling, I stay at Bukit Batok... and travel from MP back home is really a nightmare, coz there's no direct bus, or MRT!!... But it is really ur decision... coz I dun regret signing up with LFI, coz i actually lost 9kg!!... started the programme 1 yr ago, now still maintaining my...
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    Any1 been to GUANGZHOU?

    Hi, Can anybody share their experiences in guangzhou, I will be going there next month. Where are the places to eat, shop, etc etc. And any things to look out for? Pls do kindly share! Thanks in advanced!
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    Accupunture Slimming Recommendation Help Needed..

    FYI, I am not promoting LFI... It's just that I'm sharing the method which really works and is so effective!!.... Coz I tried many methods, and it dun work out for me...
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    Accupunture Slimming Recommendation Help Needed..

    Yes, LFI allows payment by 0% installment. What you are paying for in the package, not only comprise of accunptunture, it also includes meal replacements... that is why it is so effective. For accunpunture, it works by suppressing ur appetite, and make u feel 'fuller' so that you won't...
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    Accupunture Slimming Recommendation Help Needed..

    When you feel the $$pinch, and there is always someone monitoring your progress, naturally, u will be more motivated to lose weight, and not waste ur $$.... haha.. It works for me lor... :p
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    Accupunture Slimming Recommendation Help Needed..

    mixue, wat's important that it must be effective!! To be frank, I was abt ur case too. I am 1.64m, and was weighing 63.8kg... very depressed coz last time was 50kg, then after giving birth and more than 3 years, i can lose back my weight... and was stagnant at 63.8kg. Tried slimming gel...
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    Hi angelsaints, It's pretty easy to go to malacca. From causeway link, there will be signs for u to go up to the highway to get to Malacca. Just exit at Bandsar Melaka Once exit, u will see the toll... just follow the signs that state "Pasat Bandaraya" (which means CITY).... And then...
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    Hi Miralyn, I thought Tiger is already inclusive of 700THB airport tax?? Can anybody advise?? Thanks!
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    I will be staying in Arnorma Hotel again despite the emails being circulated. Think shld be quite ok, somemore location quite good. Anybody can advise where can I find good food to eat nearby?? It's my hubby's birthday as well... thinking of eating at Baiyoke Sky buffet.... anybody knows...
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    So long nobody posted in the BKK thread already... Anybody going in January??... I've booked mine for January.... Anbody knows whether Pratunam market is open on Monday? Appreciate ur advise??
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    Advice needed on Cars...

    Few months back, CarTimes offering a low-time interest rate of 2.5%. Quite worth it... We bought our Subaru Impreza at only $51K (Auto)..
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    Short getaway for ROM

    Hi S&H, No lah.. per pax ard $160... last time was $150, I think... If u want, can just drive up there lor... very near to Sungei Besi toll.. can't miss it. And per night hotel stay is ard $150 inclusive of breakfast for 2 pax... quite worth it lor.
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    Short getaway for ROM

    If u like shopping, can go to Kuala Lumpur. Since it's ur ROM, I suggest u can stay in a better hotel - Palace of the Golden Horses. This hotel is quite far from the KL city, but can take taxi and there's shuttle bus lor... The hotel is very nice, and grand... heard it's the best hotel in...
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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    starstar and claire, can share ur beautiful pics with me too? [email protected]
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    Problem sleeping with hubby snoring

    How about asking him to sleep on his side and see if the snoring goes away. This method works on my FH.
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    A Venue for ROM ?

    Hi Sakura, Alkaff mansion charges $32+++ for the Hi-tea but they will advise you to set up a marquee in case of bad weather and that itself will cost $800. I think not worth it. If you add that $800 into the cost, you could easily get a hotel ballroom. Me too, looking for a venue. Try...