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    Cosmos Tours

    Hi I took a Cosmos tour in the early 90s and didn't find it good. The tour director was not good. Her idea of introducing a new place is to say,"Welcome to such and such a place...." After the group members complained, I saw her reading from a guide book! I knew because I was sitting in one of...
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    Any Comments on Ximula / Alumix wardrobe system ?

    I have the Ximula wardrobe since 2005/2006. The sliding doors cannot close properly and they insisted that it was due to the floor not being even and they kept inserting paper under the track to level it. We gave up after a while. This is a problem for the lighter wooden board doors with only a...
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    Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM)

    Hi it's so interesting to see so many weddings being planned for the ACM. I was one of the pioneers. Our wedding was held at ACM in late 2003. We had Raffles Affairs (the Westin's outdoor catering arm) cater for the Western sit down dinner and Green Point flowers for the floral decor for the...