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    Looking to buy/rent dress for wedding

    Hi, I have a made-to-measure red dress for sale (Bust 81cm, Waist 67cm, Hip 94cm, Length 165cm). I wore it during the tea ceremony on my wedding day in Nov 2017. My asking price is $100. Leave me a message if interested.
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    Suffocate relationship

    Hi, I strongly recommend you start a new thread with your issues in another forum named 'Matters of the Heart'. There are regulars who can give people valuable advice. Hope this help.
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    Preloved Pronovias Designer Brand Wedding Gown from Spain

    Hi, are your Probovias wedding gown and evening gown still available. Have the gowns been altered in any way? How much are you selling them at, together and separately.
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    WTS: Branded wedding dresses for sale -Vera Wang, Aire Barcelona and Wedding Present

    Hello, is your grey Aire Bacelona dress still available? What is the size of it? Has it been altered in any way? How much are you selling at? Please reply to [email protected]. Thanks.
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    Any Buffet lunch can intro?

    I would recommend Orange Clove. I have been to seminars with lunch or dinner catered by them. Their foods are quite tasty.
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    (2016) 2016 brides

    Hi, do you mind sharing with me as well. I'm also looking for photographer and videographer. Thanks in advance. [email protected]
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    2017 brides

    Hi, do you mind sharing your Loveinstills packages with me. Thanks in [email protected]
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    WTS Wedding Banquet - Copthorne King's Hotel

    Hi, please send your package info to [email protected]
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    To Let Go: Mandarin Oriental Singapore Wedding Package (from now till December 2016)

    Hi, I am interested. Can you send your packages details to [email protected]
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    59k banquet sell @$45k

    Hi, can you send your packages to [email protected]. Thanks.
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    Westin hotel package letting go

    Hi, is the package still available. Can you send your package to [email protected]. Thanks.
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    To let go Westin hotel: 25.11 2017

    Hi, I am interested. Could you send the package details to [email protected] Thanks.