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    Local Part Time Maid

    i am staying at bishan. any part time maids or agent to recommend?
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    Part Time Maid

    need a part time maid urgently, i am currently staying at bishan. any recommendations?
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    Part time maid

    need a part time maid urgently. i am staying in bishan. any recommendations? or shld i get from a agent? anyone tried firstcare agency?
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    (2003) Brides of year 2003

    hi all!! so sorrie for my super late reply ... does everyone still login here occasionally to catch up? still feel a teeny weeny sense of loss when i log in here ... but its ok, cos now more or less adapted to married life! how is everyone?
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    (2003) Brides of year 2003

    wow .. that's nice yar, during the first few months, i was really having post wedding blues .. huge sense of loss - after all the preparations, and then the major adjustment after moving out .. how's everyone else in the dec03 brides?
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    (2003) Brides of year 2003

    hi all its been 5 mths since our big day! i'm just wondering, where are the rest of dec'03 brides? how's everyone doing? ;)
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    Any good & cheap eye brow pencils to recommend?

    i think shu uemura though exp, is value for $$. fantastic!
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    (2003) Brides of year 2003

    hi all!! i'm interested in seeing ur photos too!!! remember me okay?? [email protected] marriage life has been so far so good. v v busy settling down, and adapting to each other lifestyle and habits. but its okay, we are looking forward to our new life ahead!! happy CNY to u all too!!
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    Mauritius the Best place for Honeymoon ...

    hi gcherny!! did u book ur cruise and undersea walk before u left for mauritius? i tried emailing them, but they keep saying book when i check in .... i'm worried no seats left!!! for the cruise, was it the great ocean? what sort of food did they serve? i'm so excited upon hearing your...
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    Mauritius the Best place for Honeymoon ...

    HI gcherny!! how was the food and service at the residence? what about the beach and pool? so u booked the underwater walk and cruise at the hotel? how's the weather there now?? what are some sights, which you think are worth checking out? we would really rather spend more time at the hotel...
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    anyone tried jesprit curtains (outlet at plaza singapura, paragon and park mall), lance court, or window image before? (outlet at marina sq). what about gm2000?
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    has anyone checked out lightcraft, noble lightings?
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    Mauritius the Best place for Honeymoon ...

    hi esther!! where did u stay at mauritius? where did u book your cruise and undersea walk from? what do you recommend are must-see sights? we tot of cutting down on sightseeing, to enjoy the hotel!! hi gcherny! thanks thankS!! when would you be heading for mauritius?
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    Mauritius the Best place for Honeymoon ...

    i'll be staying at the residence. we just switched over from hilton ... after hearing so many rave reviews about the residence and the eastern beach!
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    Mauritius the Best place for Honeymoon ...

    wow!! how can i book from the concierge of the residence? is it v far to get to town from the residence huh?
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    Chinese wording

    does anyone know how i can translate the following: "wedding solemnization will commence at 730pm, followed by dinner thereafter" to chinese?
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    my hubby is cantonese, and i'm hokkein! can i have a copy too? [email protected]
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    Mauritius the Best place for Honeymoon ...

    wow .. such a huge price difference?? can we get such prices, if we book via mauritours direct?
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    (2003) Brides of year 2003

    hi tea tree!! would like to see your fotos too!! [email protected]
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    Mauritius the Best place for Honeymoon ...

    we signed up for the hilton cos the promotion for the residence ends on 30 nov ... and we considered that the distance between the residence and the towns are really v far, the taxi rides and all .... is hilton really that bad? can we book the tours from the concierge? I thought its better to...