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    Hi people, I have a package of 5 Mani + 5 Pedi for S$190 at Nail Palace at the Tiong Bahru Outlet. I have signed up this package just yesterday, but realized that I dont do mani and pedi that often cos I always get scratches. If you are interested to buy this package over, you can email me at...
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    HI Shellie! Can you send it to me too? at s[email protected] Mine is back acne.. can it be cured too?
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    Any recommendations on where hubby can go for facial?

    HI Cheryl! I just contacted Audrey and she asked me to go down to her shop to let her see my face. I have very severe clogged pores so hopefully she can help. Any idea how much is she charging? and what kind of facials she's offering? Cos I intend to go for regular facials so hoping that it...