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    In love with A married man ...

    En Xuan, I can understand your anger and hatred for the little girl IF she were your husband's illegitimate daughter from an affair. But this is entirely not the case. The girl was born even before you got to know your husband. In fact, it is you who came between father & daughter.. ...
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    Animal abuse.

    I am really disgusted with this whole matter. I hope that the murderer gets his due punishment. Not a fine or 2 weeks jail, but something that really hurts! I fear he will get away scot-free on grounds of insanity. Being a dog lover, I really can't fathom how anyone can stand by and...
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    Where to bring bf to cheer him up or what to give him?

    agree 200%! my salary + CPF doesn't even come close to 6K. I'll be overjoyed if I can earn that kind of money.. Anyway, giving tuition is a proper job.. flexible hours, no office politics, no boss to put up with.. What happens if he manages to find a job in an audit firm and finds that...
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    Where to bring bf to cheer him up or what to give him?

    If he's financially strapped and can't find a job.. that's understandable. But to earn 6K a month and be depressed just because he can't find a job which pays CPF.. that I seriously do not understand.. I'll just tell him to go fly a kite
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    Help!!-problem with my mom and matters

    TS is selfish and unfilial. This is not a question of who has more money, or who needs it more. TS, she is your MOTHER, for goodness sake! Don't use your husband as an excuse. It's obvious that you share the same view as your him. You claim that you need the money more than your mum, but...
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    Kose products

    Hi Stary, You can look for Julie. She's the 'chief beautician' at parkway kose. A friendly & experienced lady. I think the collagen facial is $120 for 1 session. If u sign a package, it'll be $480 for 5 sessions.
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    Need "Angels Brought Me Here" song for Montage

    Hi Jennifer, Pls send me the song. Thanks! [email protected]
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    Anyone use Jasvy or T-Dragon

    Hi granva08, U are so lucky! Maybe they have something against me...haha...
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    Anyone use Jasvy or T-Dragon

    Jasvy charges $0.10 for each gold string. Excited Chris, If I were u, I'll choose T-dragon in an instant. Seems dat the feedback on them is pretty good! I'm now late in sending my cards out...sigh...
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    Anyone use Jasvy or T-Dragon

    Hi granva08, They made mistakes on the spelling of names, format, and wordings. Liased with Ivy... You better check, and double-check before you confirm with them ya...
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    Anyone use Jasvy or T-Dragon

    I have a very bad experience with Jasvy. They keep on sending proofs with mistakes, sometimes even the same mistakes! Even after correcting them a million times, they are still doing slipshod work! It has been 3 weeks, and I am still waiting for them to send me the CORRECT proof. If you have...
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    Best mascara??

    Just my 2 cents worth... I used to buy Loreal & Maybelline mascaras. But I found that they smudge easily and the curling & volume effect is not so good. I have recently switched to Kose Volume Mascara, and found it very good. This mascara worked wonders for my short and sparse lashes!
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    Mascara - Pls recommend your fav. brand

    Hi ya'll, Anyone tried Kose's new Mascara Fantasist? I have thin and sparse lashes, so I need something that can curl and add volume at the same time.. Also, could you advise whether waterproof or washable mascara is recommended. Thk Q!
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    I came across a shop in Clementi selling all types of brands of Skincare, including SKII, Estee Lauder, and Kose. Checked out the price. They are selling 100ml bottle of the lotion at $24. Cleansing oil at $30.60. Some others as well, but I didn't take note of the prices. Are these types of...
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    MAsk for Blackheads

    Anyone used the Seikisho Cleaning oil? Is it good?
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    Meow meow , thanks for your input on the eye treatment at Kose. I have combination skin as well. Am deciding between the Moisturizer L and Sekkisei Emulsion. I've heard great comments abt both products so I can't decide.... hmm...
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    Blue, forgot to respond to your comment. U do sound like you know alot about Kose products, that's why ask u lor... hehe!
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    The promo for the lotion is still on. Better grab fast coz they are selling like hotcakes! Blue, what kind of moisturizer are you using? Anyone has gone for the eye treatment at Kose? As I'm quite fair, my dark eye circles are very obvious. So would like to check if the eye treatment at...
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    Thanks blue. I bought the day essence... and 2 bottles of the Lotion. Grin, have you thought of trying the Sensational White Moisturizer L? I personally haven't tried it but I heard it's quite light. Maybe blue will have some insight to this product??
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    I'm a great fan of Sekkisei lotion! Too bad I missed the promotion! The best thing about it is that it doesn't leave any sticky feeling unlike other brands. Instead it leaves your face feeling fresh and hydrated. In fact, I'm thinking of buying either the day essence or emulsion. Can anyone...