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    Marina Mandarin Hotel - Vanda Ballroom

    hello littlenaomi, can you comment about sen service? i was assigned to christine and i hate her service. very negative to the arrangement i wanted for my wedding and thinks that there is no services at all. am thinking of changing PIC
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    2017 brides

    hello can share your experience with bridal concept? i feel i sign them up on impulsive and now I have a lot of worry
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    2017 brides

    hugs.. i also use bridal concept and didnt have a good feeling on everything except MUA. but I'm using Irene. when i signed up, i emphasis that i want in-house MUA and photographer. But during my PWS, i asked MUA and photographer they say they are free lance. feel so cheated. coordinator is...
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    March 2018 BTB

    Hello my wedding is in 2018 too. Nice to meet you ladies. Has anyone took their bridal shots at Punggol Lalang Field? Can share your experience and the condition of it?
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    Review on Bridal Concept (16 Liang Seah St, S 189037)

    Hello everybody, I have no idea why is there no reviews (only positive ones) on Bridal Concept. As BOWS is upcoming, I would like to contribute to the public and give my review on this BS. A little background, I signed the package at the fair thinking that I got the best deal. But this isnt the...