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    man all of you should go for IRC instead of this thread
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    I HATE myself

    If you MUST choose 1, and you have no idea who to select, then flip a coin. Head means C Tail means P works most of the time...
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    I HATE myself

    well you can ask both of them if they can accept you being together with 2 guys at the same time. Maybe you can even end up with 2 husbands in the future. Who knows...
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    Menses on AD

    play with blood on the wedding day. paint yourselves in red and have fun!
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    GF older than BF?

    bring back the dead
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    Evil Boss

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    Advise needed

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    How high will be my chance of winning the child custody??

    and you can bring your child back to malaysia
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    How to deal with neighbours whose shoe rack lying ard ur corridor

    took their shoes and throw it away. no way they are going to put more shoes rack
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    80/20 Rule on life and family - For your reading pleasure

    go home and enjoy the 80% you need. go to office to enjoy the 20% you want. you get 100%!
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    Divorce help due to husband having affair

    Get a loan from James so that she can hire the best private agent.