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    Ceiling Fans - Any recommendations?

    hello.. may i know where your friend got the designer fans from jb?
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    Mini Buffet Catering | Any recommendations?

    Hi, I am checking if anyone has recommendations for mini buffet for about 20-25pax? Thanks in advance!
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    Dec 2016 Brides

    Hello .. Dec 4th bride here. Can add me to the fb? [email protected] Thanks girls!
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    Wedding sale!! (gown, shoes, decor, everything!)

    Hi can i get a photo of item 2,3,9 and 10? [email protected]
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    Korean Wedding gown

    Hi, can you pm me a photo of the dress? Thanks
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    Hi everyone, saw that the discussion ended on the last thread talking about Mandarin Oriental vs Four Seasons... and the increase in price for 2016 banquet.. just wondering if there are any BTB for 2016? or anyone who has had their banquet done in Jan/Feb 2016? I am a BTB for Dec'16... We had...
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    Dec 2016 Brides

    Hi ladies, i am new to this forum.. attracted to the forum topic Dec BTB 2016.. i hope I can make it for Dec 2016, because currently nothing is booked.. Need some support here :) Looking forward to hear tips from everyone . Lets jiayou!
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    Mandarin Oriental Singapore

    omytego , did you sign up with MO in the end? Not sure how many coordinators there are with MO - but I got into contact with Wen Long.. anyone with experience with him? Just joined the forum - glad to see the girls uniting to give each info :)