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    French Love Songs

    Hi Hsin Can send me the lovely song? Thanks!! [email protected]
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    Tan Kan Ming Chinese Medical - Slimming/Breast Enlargement Acupuncture+

    Hi Ping I am interested but still worried about the pain and side effects. But if its really effective, who cares right. No pain no gain. tagDo you mind sharing with me your pics? My email [email protected]
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    Hi JunieAA I will be making the decision to book my banquet with Four Seasons soon. May i see your beautiful photos you had taken? my email: [email protected]
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    Hi Fong2 Im interested to view your pics too.....please share with me at [email protected]
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    Shangri-la Hotel

    Hi This thread has been quiet for a how's everyone preparations for the wedding? Im shortlisting shangri-la as one of my choices for my banquet. Anyone just attended or held their wedding there? to share some feedbacks.
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    Hi anyone booked FS during their wedding show? what are the additional perks that they offer other than the 5% discount?
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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    hi icy, the geomancer only gave one date for the AD? can we requested for more dates?
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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    hi all did you gals go to any geomancer for auspicous dates for the wedding? any good geomancers to recommend?
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    Need "Angels Brought Me Here" song for Montage

    Hello garfield i am looking for the song too! Can send it to me too? [email protected]
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    Defer ROM Cert

    Hi Ling Do you mind telling how do you write your letter requesting for deferment of the ROM cert? Is it just a two to three sentences letter?
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    Cooker Hobs/Hoods

    hello anyone using technogas hob and hood? Im thinking of getting this but in the meanwhile would like to receive feedback before confirming my decision. Where can i get hob and hood at a cheaper price?
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    Derma-rx Users?

    hi does anyone know whether the doc at derma-rx clinic offer any pdts or treatments for back blemishes?...have pimple marks at my back and thinking of ways to remove them. tried various kinds of scrubs also doesn't seem to help.
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    Any recommendations for sink?

    hi im also going for a granite top from sim siang choon....looks better with my solid surface top. think its the latest trend...
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    Hi elenne did u sign up for the fri & sun package? I was thinking of signing up that too.....but how do u find the dinner menu? how's thomas as a coordinator? i am thinking of looking for gary.
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    hello all would like to check how's the food at fullerton? I may be taking up the friday package.....all feedbacks are welcome!
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    Bintan - angsana or mayang sari?

    Hi I'm going to angsana next week. Just wondering has anyone been there recently and tried their spas? Any recommendations on their spa and their services? Also where can i go for meals?
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    hello fullerton is also one of my choice hotels. I heard that in one of the ballroom, there's a staircase leading down, is this true? can anyone share with me her photos for the banquet. Me really keen on this hotel after hearing so many good feedbacks....cant wait to fix an appt with the...