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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    I love my IPL sessions at Bio-Beauty. From what i know.. its the cheapest they have in the market now.. but i heard that bcoz they are soo popular now.. their pricing is going to gradually increase over the next few months.. i suggest u girls faster go get their packages now.. my package only...
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    I did my IPL for underarms and bikini line at BioBeauty which is opposite macdonalds at Toa Payoh Central.. only 7 mins from the MRT.. (Cabin Crew Joint). I also do FACIAL IPL there.. my skin is flawless now.. heh~ very happy with the results.. coz its so cheap!! Very cosy place.. Modern...
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    Hi girls.. u should go for IPL at BioBeauty.. its only $300 for 10 full sessions.. all the air stewardesses are doing it there.. coz its so cheap.
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    Any good facial outlet at Toa Payoh Central? u should try this.. all the singapore airline crew go there.. across the road from the library macdonalds.. at blk 73. I've done IPL at Strip and other famous places before.. but i recently got to know this crew joint that charges soooo...
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    Acupuncture or Radio Frequency Slimming Better?

    i lost 2inches from using this belt every night before i sleep.. just spray a bit of water on it.. then wrap around ur tummy.. after 15 mins.. u will literally feel a burning sensation.. thats when ur fats cells are vibrating and shrinking... it really works for me.. so u girls can give it a...
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    1 year for me to slim 10 kg for my wedding

    I lost 2 inches off my waist in 1 month.. just from wearing a slimming belt everynight. apprently the spas in singapore uses this same belt on their customers for their slimming treatments.. i found this belt on facebook.. very good.. my friends from singapore airlines are all using this...
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    2 way cake to recommend?

    i agree that averine is good.. its the pefect make up for acne skin and sensitive skin..