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  1. Selling: Cheongsam inspired Gown (brand new)

    Hi ladies / BTBs, I'm letting go this brand new cheongsam inpired gown @ $180. Suitable for tea dress if you decided not to wear kua. It fits size M to L.
  2. (2015) 2015 brides??

    is alrdy in my package! :)
  3. (2015) 2015 brides??

    i think you can request for it.. i have a trial make-up but i haven arrange yet since my AD is still quite far ahead... :)
  4. (2015) 2015 brides??

    My coordinator is Annie, my mua is you chong and pg is David. :)
  5. (2015) 2015 brides??

    I'm with MDW. so far my experience with them was great! I just did my PS in March. Experience was great! the pg and mua were gd even the asst pg too! now waiting for my album to be ready to collect! Initially, I was also worried abt the bad reviews abt them after i sign up with them. i guess...
  6. (2015) 2015 brides??

    I got 4hrs of photography and 2 hrs videography for $850. u can check valentyn studio. they haf 2 hrs packages as well. :) this is their website!
  7. (2015) 2015 brides??

    no, i didn't sign up any package. I book a freelance make-up artist and rent a short gown from a home-based bridal. and I also book my photographer and videographer too! think spend less than 4k for abt 100 guests! :)
  8. (2015) 2015 brides??

    I'm doing my ROM this year too. You can try booking a function room at any Safra. For mine, I book a function room @ Jurong Safra and gonna do buffet catering. :)
  9. Bad experience with butterflies and cakes

    Hi, I also engage Butterflies and Cakes. I'm also waiting for chasing their reply regarding abt my contract too. I engage them for wedding planning and also financial assistance. Heard that they are either closing down or will be going bought over by another company. now I haf to postpone my...
  10. (2015) 2015 brides??

    Hi, any other recommendation for venue for solemnization? I was thinking either chalet, food for thoughts@botanic garden or skyve. Anyone did solemnization at chalet? For those who did ur solemnization, how much do u allocate for ur budget? :) Thanks. :)
  11. Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi master, I mean 18 Jan 2015. is it a good date for wedding. Both bride and groom are dragon. Thanks. :)
  12. Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi Master, Wondering if you could advise if 18 Jan 2015 is a good date for Wedding? Bride: 29 Dec 1988 (Dragon) Groom: 18 Sept 1988 (Dragon) Thanks! Would appreciate very much if you could give us a general view.
  13. My Dream Wedding

    Hi, i also signed up with MDW. any recommendation for makeup artist and photographer? :)
  14. (2015) 2015 brides??

    Holiday Inn has 3 ballrooms basically changi ballroom, seletar ballroom and another one which I forget the name. I think the one u went shld be level 3 if is beside a buffet restaurant. mine is level 2 (seletar ballroom) which can haf 18 tables the max.
  15. (2015) 2015 brides??

    Hi, I'm also a half half 2014 and 2015 bride. ROM in Dec 2014 and AD Jan 2015. I have settle my venue and bridal already. Anyone is also from My Dream Wedding and also booked Holiday Inn Atrium for banquet? :) Now looking for solemnisation and AD photography & photobooth. any recommendations...