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    Strictly for Exchange - BN Wedding Items to Baby Stuffs

    hello sorry for late reply... u can add me in msn [email protected]
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    Strictly for Exchange - BN Wedding Items to Baby Stuffs

    Hi do u still have No 3 and 6 stickers.. i see from coco there.. den know u selling
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    Qian Xi @ Jurong Safra Club

    OMG.. I recently juz sign banquet with them on jurong safra... after seeing so many "comments" i kinda worried ... actually we wan hilltop de ballroom.. den cannot.. cos min 45.. but my HTB de cousin held there b4.. his only 38 tables.. erm.. i kinda of worried.. is the gal hui still ard?? cos i...
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    (2010/10) Oct 2010 BTB

    can i ask something ? if i wan my rom to be oct 10 2010.. i must book the JP now? or what? can someone tell me.. i am in the whirl now..
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    Any nice solemniser to recommend? please...

    can i have prof yu.. contact... [email protected]
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    Any idea for solemnization in chalet?

    can i have a copy too. pls. thanks.. [email protected]
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    A Yacht Wedding"

    hi, i am interested too.. can send me the package as well.. =D [email protected]
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    $100 for Registrar to officiate solemnization outdoors??

    can i have the details of the SAF yacht club too? [email protected]
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    A Venue for ROM ?

    same as me.. thanks.. [email protected]
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    A Venue for ROM ?

    can u send me the rom package as well.. btw i will like to ask.. is it possible to book now for rom date as i wanna oct 10 2010. as i very new ppl ard me havent rom or married.. [email protected]