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    (2011/05) May 2011 BTB

    Joanna >> How about robinsons for your heels? w3n >> yup, yup mine is in that sequence less the changing to the 3rd gown..
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    yup, yup happy that everything is finally over & now looking forward to get the photos from the PG hahaa... Be prepared that the whole day will be quite tiring, try to get as much rest as possible...
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    jiayou wor, mine is over hehhe... everything will be over in a flash without u knowing it hehee... Congrats to all BTBs hehe...
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Candy >wao.. so fast collect gown le.. I will be collecting on Mon thou hehe.. and nice canvas background wor.. mayb can go facial 1 wk b4 the big day to clear up the skin wor.. Jiayou...
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    hahaa my GDL is quite simple, my parents brought me to buy the stuff and I ala-carte the stuff I wanted so may not be the fully traditional type.. I also didn buy a package and bought separate items from each place so mine was abit exp thou.. Bought at those chinatown market areas..
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    yup yup getting more & more exciting.. haha having GDL on this coming Sunday... less than 15 days to count down to the big day... getting abit stressed le... but Ai Zai.. jiayou to all March BTBs..
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Hi JF, thanks for the info. Yup, the shower stuff(grohe & hansgrohe) is cheaper at Balestier & also a wide range too...
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    haha no worries, my guestlist is also stuck oops hahaa :p
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Hi smilem, do check with your hotel whether do they provide map inserts... This is the quote T&T give me. (A) Normal wedding insert paper (cream/pink color paper with gold print): 2 side printing with map : 250pcs = RM 230.00 300pcs = RM...
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Merry Christmas to all March BTB. I am also a March BTB. Have done insert printing at T&T, you can have all the icons that's available and wont be feeling carrot head like T-Dragon for each additional icon. But yup the troublesome part is to go JB, best is to go during weekday if possible...
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    Think TWICE before you want to choose Precious Nail Services

    yup.. i also felt her services wasnt as good. Guess there was her friend behind me, and it was a rush job done for me..
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    Grand Park City Hall

    Hi MemorableChocolate, very kind of you to come back and share the information with us. Can I check with you for the printing of wedding cards, does it include FOC insert map of GPCH , all by T-Dragon? or do we need to pay extra for the map if we do not do the printing with them? Thanks.
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    Pin Jin Issue (Dowry Issue)

    Hi Gin Goh, yr situation is same as mine where my parents are also questioning why his family do not know anything after 2 of FH's sisters got married.. Yup they also felt they are insincere.. Haiz.. it is sure a tough journey.. Hopefully everything turns out alright..
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    Love & Co. Wedding Bands

    Hi, I am looking for Love & Co ring's pillow. Any1 is selling? Kindly PM me. Thanks