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    A place to show your beautiful kitchen....

    I am in a 4 rm HDB.
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    A place to show your beautiful kitchen....

    Sharing my completed kitchen
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    Any recommendation for ID and Contractors

    Hi, can try to get quote from my contractor. My house is in the mid of reno and completion in abt 2 weeks time. So far so good, no major probms and my contractor is a nice guy. More over his prices is reasonable, compare with over 20 quotes i get.
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    Advice on Renovation Contractor

    Hi, My house is still in the mid of reno and abt completion in 2 weeks time. So far so good with my Contractor and he is one of the few lowest quote i get after comparing with over 20 quotes. My final decision to chose him as i find him easy to talk to and feel comfortable with him and more...
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    A place to show your beautiful kitchen....

    My Kitchen sink
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    A place to show your beautiful kitchen....

    My house is still in the mid reno. About to complete soon and will like to share my kitchen design too.
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    Anyone? Cheapest reno quote - not ID pls...<IMG SRC="

    Hi, can try my Contractor. My house is still in the mid of reno and so far so good. His quote is the few lowest i get after comparing with over 20 quote. Can PM me if interested.
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    Any Recommended Bridal Shops

    Hi, I am also looking for bridal shop. Anyone can share me your package price as i have no clude of anythgs at all, thanks.
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    ROM Lunch @ Zhou Kitchen''

    Hi Evybody, Long time no come in to this topic. So happy that so many forumers find Zhou's Kitchen a great place for ROM. As i myself also ROM there and can see they actually re-decorate the mini garden to much a nicer place than the time i Rom. I am so happy that i can share with all of you...
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi master, Can you help me see which date is good for my resale flat 1st time opening door. what info you need in order to check for me? Thanks.
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    Hi, i am interested to get AH Soon to renovated my house, can any kind soul pls gave me his contact? thanks.
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    Any good renovation contractor

    Hi, Can anyone share with me your recent renovation quote? i am planning to fully renovate my resale 4NG and are looking for ideas and design to renovate. Any kind soul can list down those cheap, good and reliable contractors nowaday? And please list down those STRONGLY NT RECOMMENED contractors...
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    5 room Reno *~Renovation of My Home~*

    Hi Pet, Can share with me your contractor contact and your quote? thanks.
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    4-room Resale Flat Renovation

    Hi Steff, Can i have your quote and contractor contact, thanks.
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    Anyone interested in Grand Mecure Roxy Hotel but have yet to sign contract?

    Hi bobby, is the package still available? pls pm me, thanks.
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    Actual Day Schedule

    hi chris, May i knw where is your outdoor venue for ROM? Hw mch you had spent in catering the buffet and the decor? kinda share? thanks.
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    Serangoon North Ave 1

    Amelyn, i am only interested in 4 room unit.
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    Resale Home Seekers and Owners of Resale Units

    i am looking for 4 room at serangoon north ave 1, 100 series blk. anyone selling, pls email me at [email protected]
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    Resale Flat Hunting??

    looking for 4 room serangoon north ave 1 100+ series blk. anyone selling?? pls email me at [email protected]
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    Serangoon North Ave 1

    I am still looking urgently for the units..... Anyone???