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    What should i do!!!!!!

    wong, I tink ur hubby is truly rependant so dun tink too much...things will work out fine for both of u....its juz a moment of folly... as for me...we've talk many times but no results cos my hubby is very confused & dunno wat he wans...hesitate to look for tat girl coz he said she...
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    What should i do!!!!!!

    Hi Wong, I agreed w e above post...since u've chosen to forgive, you should work towards your are oledi better off then many others who's hubby juz left e marriage....tis world is filled w temptations and everybody will make mistake...if he's sorry & willing to makeup for his...
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Dear all, My AD was in Oct06...those who r interested to c ST ballroom setup can email me at [email protected] Btw, those who ve not decided on their PS location can consider ST..its very nice...I've my AD outdr shoot there & it turned out very nice both in fotos & video...U may...
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    Any good bridal shops?

    ya I agreed w natyeo....BS alwis provide gd svc when u r considerg them but once u signed their package e std of svc dropped.... I would highly recommend my MUA & PG who r doing freelance w my BS previously....they've recently branched out to incl sales of gowns...This husband & wife...
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    Hi, Anyone has Pan Pac vegetarian menu? Please email to <[email protected]> Thanks.
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Hi, Does anyone has SanSan's email or hp? Please email to <[email protected]>. Thks. BTW, when do we need to meet up with the coordinator if our wedding is in Oct?
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    Advice - What to buy in Bangkok?

    Hi Jasmermine, can u pls email me e fotos...thks [email protected]