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    Novotel Clarke Quay) Wedding lunch/dinner - Open Date 2018-2019

    Hi, is the dinner option open for 2019?
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    Letting go: Rico A Mona (prewed + AD) $3400

    Hi I’m interested! Pls email me the details at [email protected] thanks babe [emoji4]
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    TWC pre wedding + AD package

    Hi, I’m interested too, could you email me the details at [email protected] Thanks so much :)
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    Christian JPs to recommend

    same here, pls pm the list if its still available. so many of us with the same problem. do pray and hope God will answer our prayers!
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    Need Pastor Solemnizer for wedding between Christian and non-Christian

    hi! i would like to request for the list too [email protected] thanks :) :)
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    TWC thomson wedding collection Pre wedding shoot, AD package and rom attire

    hi! im interested, pls pm me the details. thanks :)
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    Pan Pacific Wedding Dinner Tables to let go

    Hi! can PM me more details pls?