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    Anyone been to Taipei b4?

    Hi IceCherry Yes, taxi fare is very very expensive over there. What we did previously was we took an airport bus from the airport to somewhere near our hotel (as the bus does not go to our hotel but somewhere nearby) then from there, we took a taxi to the hotel. Cheaper lor. And there are a...
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    Yes, I loved the bears too... I have 1 pair from a friend's wedding 2 years back...
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    Anyone been to Taipei b4?

    hi Evelyn, me also stay in Rainbow hotel...hahaha... i would think the standard is something like our Hotel 88 but of cos not so new-looking lah (never been to 88 but impression thru advertisments). But then it is right in the middle of Xi Men Ding Apparently i think Taipei's hotels are...