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    Acupuncture - Slimming??

    Hi Jasmine, Can email me the info? Thanks! [email protected]
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    Hi Ruyi, Please email me the details too. Thanks. [email protected]
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    Window Grilles

    Hi Keith, Just to share about wrought aluminium window grill... last time I was also checking out about wrought aluminium and the contractor told me that this type of material has a lot of problems and it's ex, that's why they stopped supplying this type of grilles... actually, why do you...
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    Hi Shannon, Can you please send a copy to me? Thanks. [email protected]
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    Hi Mvp, May I know the name of the shop and their contact number as well? Any idea whether do they still have this 50% discount? Thanks. [email protected]
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    Any Comments on Ximula / Alumix wardrobe system ?

    Hi, May I know where did you guys get the wardrobe from? Can I have the contact number or website address? Thanks.
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    Colour for kitchen cabinets

    Hi, Can you please share with me all your pics too. Thanks. [email protected]
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    A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest

    Hi Bigtoe, Can i see your love nest please? Thanks. [email protected]
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    Lobang needed for racks in bombshelter/storerms!!!

    Hi deardear & satay man, Please send the contact & pics to me too. Thanks. [email protected]
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    Any recommendations for sink?

    Hi AK, I've received your mail. Thanks.
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    Any recommendations for sink?

    Hi, AK Can I also have the contact of the distributor? Thanks. [email protected]
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    A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest

    Hi winterhakone, Can I have a look at your beautiful home? Thanks. [email protected]
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    A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest

    Dear Melodie & Wendy, Can I take a look at your pictures too? [email protected] Thanks.
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    A compilation of hidden costs

    Hi pst, Can I have the list too? My email is [email protected] Thank you.
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    A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest

    Hi chan, Can share ur home pics with me too? Thanks. [email protected]
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    4-poster beds : Where to find?

    Sherilyn, you can take a look at HDB showroom for Punggol unit, it's on their website too (under virtual showroom). They put 4-poster bed in the bedroom and it really looks very cramped. Initially, I wanted a 4-poster bed too but after I visited this showroom, I changed my mind...
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    A compilation of hidden costs

    Hi pst, Can i have the list too? Thanks a lot. [email protected]
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    Hi All, I know that US Dollar is accepted in the resort, but what about in Male? Is it better to prepare some local currency before going there? Any food or activities that you would highly recommend to try over there? Thank you.
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    Ang Pow box & gifts for helpers

    Hi orchid, Can you send to me too? Thank you. [email protected]
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    Hi orchid, Can I have a copy of the list too? Thank you. My e-mail address is [email protected]